Have you heard of the Kimberton calendar? It refers to our planetary system and the astronomical constellations in the sky. Nothing to do with astrology as we know it! However, in its own way, it can have a great influence on people and this, in everyday life.

The Kimberton calendar is based on studies of Rudolf Steiner, scientist and thinker of the early twentieth century. He has been a writer, theorist, professor of science and history at Berlin University and is the author of several philosophical papers.

Two Critical Functions of the Kimberton Calendar

The Kimberton calendar, originally designed for biodynamic farming, according to the theories of Rudolf Steiner, has a two-fold outcome. It is intended to be primarily useful for everything related to land, that is to say agriculture and gardening; for example, to know the good and bad times to plant. This calendar can also serve humans, in terms of decisions in general: purchases, transactions, sales, etc. Something else that’s equally surprising: one can even, thanks to the understanding of this calendar unknown in North America, discover the sex of an unborn child.

Real Influence

Technically, the Kimberton calendar is based on our planetary system and the real constellations as they are in heaven, that is to say, the astronomical constellations, not the astrological constellations. In astrology, a 360 degree circle is taken around the Earth and is divided into twelve constellations equal to 30 degrees each. This is fine, except that in reality, the constellations in the sky are not of equal forms. In astronomy, the real state is accepted.

In contrast, all the planetary influence is real and is there for everyone. Each planet has a purpose and a function, and so has a real impact on our world. According to the Kimberton calendar, constellations are shorter or longer than 30 days, a figure set in contemporary astrology. When one wants to make a chart, for example, Kimberton timing may be more accurate.

For a Personal Learning

To better understand Kimberton timing, courses are offered to learn how to decode the symbols. Otherwise, this may seem complex. In fact, as constellations change every year, courses allow you to discover all these global changes. From there, the person may thereby use these in everyday life.

People could, for instance, make informed decisions when it comes time to make choices. Most people who take courses on the subject want to have the tools and get answers.