Hypnosis can be intimidating, probably because we have seen recorded sensational images of people purporting to have entirely lost their free will. These practices have nothing to do with hypnosis therapy, which is friendly to the individual who at all times can keep his ability to reason.

The hypnotic trance is a state of relaxation, more or less deep according to the people, which can be reached spontaneously several times a day. Thus, even as this altered state of consciousness can be caused by a specialist, which will extend the duration and use proven techniques, which are not unknown.

Logical extension of hypnosis, self-hypnosis provides a path of independence with tools adapted to its reality. We can also attend workshops and learn by ourselves. Thus, there are compact discs that offer tools, which work towards slowing the unconscious resistance and denial, thereby letting you go into deep mental relaxation.

Classical and Ericksonian Hypnosis

This suggestion is based on and inspired by Freud’s postulate: If you suggest a patient to heal, he can heal. The subject receives, according to this directive and authoritarian approach, verbal injunctions which are, visual and tangible.

According Milton Hyland Erickson (1901-1980), the suggestion is to bypass the resistance of the subject to actually have an effect. The suggestions are open and non-directive and include a large number of proposals (metaphors), and interventions that are continuously adjusted based on information obtained during the exchanges between patient and therapist. The patient can then accesses the unconscious and its resources, in view of solving the problem, guided by the therapist.

Humanist Hypnosis

This approach aims to repair the break (dissociation) between aspects of conscious and unconscious self. By not challenging vision of life and richness, and supported by a very specific technical approach, which allows the person in the hypnotic state being guided to open up another dimension of itself: his conscience, with an understanding of the beliefs that create the perception. It is a unified state, not modified conscience, and therefore a greater awareness, a state of arousal. The result is a management fully aware of all its dimensions. It goes beyond the scientific view of a process only in the brain.

A Bright Future

Thus, hypnosis, is enriched constantly by the evolving technology, and promotes a bright future. Learning to use all its resources, conscious and unconscious, is to provide the means to achieve its goals, health and wellness, choosing what we consider fair, instead of being led by an unconscious conditioning. By accessing our deeper inner resources, we enter a garden of knowledge, which is a source of wisdom, truth and joy.