I’d like to remind you of the importance of taking full responsibility for your life and the results you get. It is so easy to justify the misuse of our time, disorganization, or the fact that we do not get what we want. But we’re never as well served as by ourselves!

Take full responsibility for the results you want. Rely on yourself – it’s up to you to achieve your goals. You are the only factor that you can totally control in any given situation.

When you take responsibility for your success, you attribute the positive changes to yourself, your making, and your efforts, and not to others, or to luck. There is a direct relationship between self-realization and increased confidence and self-esteem. A person who agrees with this value and takes the time to know what they truly want has the confidence and motivation to succeed. You find yourself more and more feeling proud of yourself, thereby increasing your sense of security.

If you raise your standards and you move out of your bubble, you can get much more out of life. Don’t let those naysayers convince you that you deserve nothing better than what you currently have, or that your dreams are not worth risking the warm safety of those without them. You have one life to live. Wouldn’t it be better to have nothing to regret?

In closing, here are some positive consequences that such initiatives will have on your life:

  • Your personal contribution will be higher. You’ll be more productive, and you will be more self-aware.
  • You will improve your vision of yourself (self-esteem).
  • The more you give to others and to society, the more you receive.
  • The effective organization of your time and activities will develop your discipline and your ability to get more results with less effort.
  • This context will allow you not to work harder, but work smarter. You get the most out of every action, every minute of work.

And do you want to hear more good news? The simple act of taking time to clarify your goals makes you more efficient and will impact the way you perceive everything. This will even improve your self-esteem and increase your desire to succeed.

Continuous improvement is increasing in proportion to what you ask of life. If you ask for just a little bread, you can be sure you’ll get just a little bread. Instead, if you spend more effort towards the management of your time and your activities, you will get more!