The person who prepares to go anywhere, usually achieves.
Dale Carnegie

It is very interesting to use powerful images that are easy to remember. Therefore I suggest you do a little experiment with me. Imagine you are in training or in conference with me and that I present to you a large, clear glass jar that I put before me. I then place gently into the pot, one by one, eight large stones. The stones fill the pot to the brim. The pot is full?

Not really.

Now I take out a bag of small rocks with which I fill the pot, taking care to enable them to fill the spaces between the rocks to the bottom of the pot. This time, is the jar full? I see there are many who doubt this time. Perfect! Indeed, the pot is still not filled.

This time I present to you a second bag filled with sand. I empty the contents into the pot, taking care to leave no space between the pebbles and rocks. The pot is filled to the brim. Is it really full this time? I feel more ambivalence on your part than the last time I asked. But if you answered no, you’re still right!

I finally get out a jug of water that I empty into the glass jar. This time, the pot is actually full!

What lessons can we draw from this little experiment? Maybe you think I wanted to illustrate that we can always do more, even when we believe that our schedule is full of activities, tasks and responsibilities? It is an interesting possibility, but this is not what I meant.

What I want you to remember is that if I had not first put the big stones in the pot before adding the pebbles, sand and water, these rocks could not have subsequently existed. And in our life, what is represented by these big stones?

These stones are your personal fulfillment, the knowledge of yourself and your internal security, your family and your relationships, your health, your passions, your career and your financial security.

If you do not choose to integrate first the stones of your personal achievement in the pot of your life, you will not have more room to live in a balanced manner. And this is what often happens.

We follow our course without asking ourselves questions, and the concerns of our existence overtake minor things that monopolize our attention. It is therefore not surprising that our lives are often unsatisfactory. In this case, we must make the effort to empty our pot of water, sand and pebbles, to start over and place these big rocks which are so important.

Reject Wishful Thinking to Achieve Results

We finish our journey here to the heart of the attitudes, strategies and initiatives that can really let us live the life we dream of. I particularly insisted on efficiency, that is to say, the ways of increasing the quantity and quality of results we get, while reducing the effort and hours to get there.

The strategies that I have presented have been used for years by the individuals and companies who are the most successful worldwide. I believe that to simply “ask the universe” for something is inadequate.

Of course, the first step of asking is fundamental. But those who preach the law of attraction often fail to mention that the desire to succeed and conviction must be accompanied by concrete actions and initiatives.

The Law of Attraction can give the impression that we have to wait passively to receive what we ask for. This view is unfortunately not realistic. Sometimes it’s wishful thinking, and people who simply just ask without taking action may have to wait very long.

For wonderful events to happen and so that your dreams come true, you must do something. That’s why I wanted my articles to be a supplement to the law of attraction; “the principle of ‘ask, believe, receive’ should be formulated more accurately as ‘ask, believe, act and greatly increase your chances of receiving’ “. (Karen Kelly, The Secret of the Secret)

Many initiatives can help you succeed faster. With the principle of continuous improvement, I introduced you to effective strategies to transform your actions into results. And there are other articles in different sections of this site which contain several other strategies. All yours to discover!