Those who maintain good relation with others had a secret. They know the attitudes that make the difference. They like them and learn to use them as well!


The Dalai Lama describes compassion as the most fundamental to rejoin others. If we focus on what joins us, not on what divides us, we feed this compassion. So, is it empathy? Empathy is the ability to put themselves in the shoes of others to become aware of what they live. It involves the effort to understand the views and emotions of others before responding. Empathy promotes the exchange, trust and respect.


The collaboration stems from a simple observation: if I get more, I help others and in turn others help me if I stay alone. Collaboration multiplies our strengths and opportunities, provided that all participate! Collaboration is a relationship just like oil and a machine. For an effective collaboration, one must remain open! Therefore, we request the cooperation of others to recognize that they need our support as much as we need them.


The last key, but of course not the least, is communication. How can we expect an extraordinary relationship if we do not express, to others, what we think? Communication fosters mutual understanding and helps dispel misunderstandings. Respectful and honest communication allows us to deepen our relationship with others. Because, if we hide things from them, they cannot see us as we are and we will not ever completely trust them as well. Gaps in communication affect compliance and prevent intimacy that nurtures and strengthen relationship.

Some tips to foster relationship

Have a new relationship is good, but not at the expense of others! Throughout the entire journey of our life we have opportunity to forge new relationships. But the most valuable relationships are often those that last long. Here are some tips to avoid relegating them to oblivion.

Recognize the importance of your relationship. Be aware of the importance of the people you hold in your love life.

Maintain your relationship. This is not just because you have a child or a promotion you should stop feeding your relationships. It is sometimes only a few minutes or even an email to show signs of life.

If you want good friend(s), act like a good friend(s). So that if others come to you, you must act with respect and give your friend(s) the attention they deserve.