As we approach this subject since the dawn of time happiness seems to be the quest of humanity. Epicurious had already talked about it more than two millennia ago! But there are probably as many definitions of happiness as there are people around the world. How can we nurture happiness in our heart?

Fun and fleeting happiness

Happiness does not just happen. To be happy, you must clearly give this purpose in your life! The quest for happiness is universal and goes through the basic desire to improve it a lot. But do not confuse happiness with pleasure, what we often tend to do in the society.

There is a distinction between moments of intense pleasure, joy and euphoria and deeper well-being. Indeed, the euphoria is very nice, but it comes from the production of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, by our brain. The euphoria, as the passion of love, is an altered state of our brain that naturally comes in special circumstances. But in drug use, this effect can not last forever, because our body gets used to it.

Working at his happiness everyday

Happiness lives within all of us, because it depends on how we see life. Beyond the fun, one can develop a sustainable state of satisfaction and harmony. But this happiness does not fall from heaven or we cannot grab it from a tree like a ripe fruit. To be happy, we must make efforts and do our daily well-being a goal that leads to concrete actions. Here are some tips to help you develop long lasting happiness.

Eliminate the suffering and dissatisfaction that affect your well-being. You first identify the situations that make you unhappy, like conflict, procrastination and the facts that judge you negatively. Focus and then eliminate the misfortunes one by one that affect your well-being.

As the Dalai Lama said, cultivate things what makes you happy and helps make your life enjoyable. Happiness and self-realization ask you to devote efforts to better understand themselves, to improve, develop pleasant and constructive relationships with others. Only real action to help you improve your life and will guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind.

May you require hours of work and discipline, but the game is worth, because happy people are more open to others, believe in their resources and find ways to truly achieve it.