1. Give meaning to your life!

Who are you? Why do you do what you do every day? Each of us lives in our own way, but we do not often ask why we do one thing over another. The purpose of your actions is to nourish your own well-being, since the meaning of your life is prodigal motivation, persistence, satisfaction and success…! If you are dissatisfied with your life, perhaps it is time to renew the meaning you give to your life by asking about your values, your goals, your activities. It will be a first step – very important – towards a sustainable well-being.

2. The appreciation of art or enjoy the moment

It is convenient to give his life goals and to nourish the senses, but do not fall into imbalance. Sometimes we are drawn into the maelstrom of life without taking time to savor the chances we have. We all want to improve our lives, and dissatisfaction is watching us at every turn. If you have a lover, a job, good meals to eat and you do not fear for your safety, you are already a part of a very small percentage of people on earth for whom life flows in excellent conditions. This awareness will help you enjoy a bit of happiness, whose life gratifies you!

3. Become a catalyst for happiness!

Figuratively, a catalyst is a person who by his mere presence causes a reaction. Why not cause a positive reaction all around you? “There is nothing wrong in preferring happiness,” said Albert Camus. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, you will radiate to the point where others will feel right at your sole contact. An experiment to try!

4. Become your best friend(s)!

Sometimes, some stressful memories and twisted conclusions make ourselves a good person in a bad company. We condemn, we affirm our faults, we let our fears run our lives. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, you can better recognize your strengths and qualities. This attitude will help you make peace with yourself.

5. Stop brooding!

It is recognized that our thoughts greatly influence our mood and level of well-being. The thoughts and negative emotions attract negative emotions, thoughts and positive emotions attract positive emotions. Thus, in each situation, you can always choose the more positive dimensions. Life does not turn so bad after all!

6. Do not entertain your suffering today from yesterday!

The anxiety and negative thoughts does not relieve us of our sorrows of tomorrow: they withdraw our today’s strengths and pleasures! Living by staying focused on your past prevents you from moving forward. Because if your past is no guarantee of your present, your present, it is the guarantor of your future! You can practice to accept your grudges, your difficult experiences, your conflicts, your grief. In doing so, you turn the bitterness in satisfaction! The ability to accept relieve you from chains you attached yourself to your feet.

7. Be empathetic!

“Great opportunities to help others do occasionally occur, but small opportunities surround us every day,” said author Sally Koch. Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others to become aware of their statements and their emotions. Empathy is the natural enemy of egocentricity, a disease that eats away at our society. Instead, therefore, defend your interests and point of view first and put yourself in the shoes of others. Understand that your friend is worried that she did not give you expression that you can possibly avoid a painful conflict. Without you deny yourself, think about what other people live. You sow the seeds that will help make our world a better place to live.