If there is one thing in this world we want the most that is happiness. Every single day we set off our alarm, wake up, and do our tasks and responsibilities in the hope of finding it. We tread the streets wishing for joy to take speed and come our way. We stare at the endless horizon hoping to see a glimpse of that beautiful promise. We pray earnestly to the Almighty to grant our soul’s desire and own our well-deserved grace.

But with all the weight of life on us, we often end up asking ourselves, is happiness still possible? It seems as if such pleasure can never be truly and completely ours. We are too overloaded with the weight of our duties to our family, our career, the fulfillment of our personal goals, and the materialization of our financial plans. The pace, the pressures, and the pains in our life seem to be endless that there is no longer room for a piece of that happiness. We are all worn and exhausted from the race of never falling off our backs.

While happiness may sound bleak with the way we are being run by our lives. We can achieve true and complete happiness by changing this state of affairs. All we have to do is to take the reins and follow some of the wise men’s advice to the road of pure bliss.

1. Take Responsibility

Our happiness is our responsibility, no one else’s. It is only us who can change the way our life is being led. All we need to do is to learn to consciously change the way we respond to things, to events, or to people surrounding us. Whatever “lemon” life will throw at us, our perception and our choices will make or break our level of happiness. If we consistently choose to be happy, we will be.

2. The Here, and the Now

Oftentimes, we linger at our past mistakes and look so long at our future that we forget to enjoy the present.

Human as we are, we continually grieve of the way we have handled ourselves in the past. We beat ourselves, all day and all night, saying that “this” and not “that” should have been our action. Though this reflection is necessary in order to learn and renew ourselves, we often never move past this. We get stuck with the “what ifs” in our lives.

Anticipating our unknown and nameless future is a favorite pastime of ours, too. We trouble ourselves with guessing of how things will turn out for us. We exercise too much anticipation that we fail to cherish where and what we have. Though dreaming is a good form of mental exercise, we might stay afloat in these cloudy dreams that we never get to see the beauty of the clouds from way below.

3. Say Grace

Instead of counting the blessings we receive from the Almighty, we tend to preoccupy ourselves with counting the troubles we encounter. On and on, we mull over the pains and sufferings life gives us. This negative way of seeing life costs us not only our precious time but also the happiness we should have been experiencing. Hence, we should transform this sour way of thinking into a sweeter one by being grateful for the big and small things we are blessed with.

We can show our gratitude by saying our thanks to God for the rain that poured amidst the drought; for the roof we have on top of our heads; for the good health He has blessed our family with; for the uplifting tune playing on the radio; for the family, friends, and co-workers who encourage and give us joy.

4. Follow your Heart

As they say, success is not the key to happiness; it is happiness that is the key to success. Still, many of us are trapped into doing what we do not want to do rather than doing what we really love to do. We go for those jobs that give us the more money than those simple crafts where great joy lies. We fool ourselves by basing our happiness by the heftiness of our pockets. Such a pity! If only we realize that happiness is not in the mere possession of money, then we can be truly happy ─as we ought to be.

Thus, to be happy, we must follow the call of our heart. We may not be able to do what we want to do right now because of some responsibilities that we hold. But we have the choice to make time.

5. Smile

Sometimes, we neglect the simple act of smiling. We neglect the great effect this simple act benefit us. We forget how it can brighten our otherwise gloomy mood. Moreover, we fail to comprehend how smiling help release “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins that give us a sense of natural high. Hence, to improve our disposition, we have to smile more often. Smiling only takes 5 muscles to do while frowning needs more than that to execute.

Happiness is something we all want. We may seem to be looking for money, fame, power, or other things, but behind all that, we know we are looking for happiness. Anxieties based on fears and worries are but simple sacrifices in exchange for the promise of bliss. Do not get caught up by these, but if you’re really bothered on the thoughts and feelings that haunt you, take an anxiety test to gauge your anxiety level. Find out what needs to be done so you can get a hold of yourself before things get worse.

About the Author

Ryan Rivera is a former anxiety patient who values the importance of self-help methods in the management of anxiety and panic. These methods are thoroughly discussed at www.calmclinic.com, where you can also find an anxiety test.