How do you feel after waking up in the morning? Morning mood determines the equilibrium level of your life. Be careful with warning signs of imbalance. If a wake up call is a mere drama and become annoyances, this is the onset of disease.

Balance is the equitable distribution of energy in all levels of life. To regain equilibrium, we performed several simple actions that meet our needs and our personality. A person working 70 hours per week can be balanced if he has no children. But we cannot work at such a pace and be a good parent. A person who needs stability in his life will be balanced in a routine job, but it will not be the case for someone who likes to catch and challenges.

Getting to know

We learn about each other to give ourselves the life that we like. We forget the obligations that society imposes on us. Reality can sometimes surprise. If financial constraints become an obstacle, it may be worthwhile to adopt some principles of voluntary simplicity, such as not spending more money than we earn.

Another way to find balance is to foster a healthy and restful sleep, and take the time to exercise. It also takes “time to live” and do things that we feel to do. Unencumbered people often skips or avoids social and family obligations, without wondering if that’s really what they want.

Assertive and accept

Balance your life is to assert and identify the needs. It is impossible to accomplish everything and please everybody. We made a choice in the multitude of courses that we want to take. If the weekly dinner at the in-laws we weigh every Sunday, this is not a requirement in reality. We must be attentive to what gives us energy and what we take.

We recognize its strengths and weaknesses, and we accept them. Hot-tempered use sports to channel that energy. We must accept that we can be good everywhere, especially for perfectionists.

Experience emotions

Experience emotions when the need arises and achieve equilibrium. Even anger is an energy that can be used. Practical ways to live healthily – write, confide in, unwind, breathe and speak respectfully with the person who created this anger. Finally, it is important to note that each person lives his emotions as his personality.

Keys to a balanced lifestyle

  • Favor a healthy diet.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Having some time alone and with friends.
  • Rest.