Success and self-realization do not happen by chance. Repeated failures and inaction also do not occur by chance. Success, like failure, has specific causes that you can identify and act upon. Who does not want to live an exceptional life? Whatever the outcome we desire, we could get more. Here are some practical tools to bring us closer to a major goal: self-realization and success!

Self-realization is impossible if we go off in all directions. To motivate ourselves, we must first know ourselves truly, identify our values and develop an exciting vision beyond our dreams. If we can set an example by achieving many of our dreams, we can encourage others to move forward and leave the comfort of their habits. After all, there is only one life to live!

A Relentless Quest for Improvement

Every human being has a great potential which is often deeply undermined by twisted thoughts, fears and negative emotions. We must not let these stop us. We can do almost anything as long as we give ourselves the trouble. But we often postpone our happiness because we underestimate the importance of taking full responsibility for our lives, to conquer our fears and cultivate action and perseverance. All these attitudes are a guarantee of results, and they “condemn” us to succeed!

Catastrophic decisions are made every day simply because we prefer a short-term pleasure, causing much suffering in the long term. So says the lack of vision.

Continuous improvement us a principle synonymous with excellence and success. According to this principle, small but frequent improvements eventually give incredible results. Often, we wonder why we do what we do and what are the implications of each of our actions. Thus, our focus is in the right direction and we are expanding our results.

Here are some questions that will help “set the table” for your personal achievement:

  • What makes a positive difference in your life? What means the most to you?
  • How can you use your time and your actions in the most constructive way possible?
  • What are the measurable results that you would most like to achieve in your life?
  • What concrete actions are the most useful and relevant to get the results you want?

Live your Personal Achievement

There can be unlimited growth for each of us in its most intimate dimensions and most authentic form. We don’t improve to be admired by or please others, but to live a meaningful life for ourselves. What may be important for one person may not necessarily apply to another. One person may want more responsibility at work or more money, but other may want more love, more rest and better health. These dimensions are actually a part of each other.

You can identify your reasons for doing what you do. That is your enthusiasm and what really motivates you. Only then it is possible to direct your efforts to really achieve something. What good is a jet plane if we do not know where we’re going?

Efficiency at Self-realization

We also need strategies to stay focused, be more efficient, set measurable objectives and realistic actions. The purpose is to deeply revolutionize the way we do things daily in order to improve our quality of life in the short and especially long term.

Too many people take work home, because if they spend time at leisure, they are unable to meet timelines which leads to accumulation of stress. The goal is to break this destructive cycle and spare time for yourself. With some small changes in habits, we can achieve the same results with less effort. This is the basis of personal efficiency, and we can get everything we want from life!