Program for 7 days from the Emmet Fox book The seven day mental diet

Here is a very important exercise that will help you become aware of many things, provided you perform those of course. If you do correctly, you will notice the amazing change in your life. You must see this exercise as the key to change, it is essential to do so.

Be aware that everyday thousands of thoughts (even fleeting) across the screen of your mind. Every thought is in itself energy. Every thought is a biochemical entity. Research in brain clearly demonstrates the image.  These biochemical reactions trigger a host of powerful reaction in you. If your thoughts are now “more” under your control, you are the actor of your mental laboratory.

This experience lasts for one week, i.e. seven days. Seven days is not long, yet it can change many things, so if you feel like: do it!

I advise you not to “force” but to have this experience, probably one of the most important of your life.

Here’s how: During the next seven days, you will refuse to maintain any sense, every thought, every metaphor, every question or negative word.

When you find yourself wearing your attention on negative things – and it will happen – then you immediately ask questions to improve your state of mind

Here are the types of questions that will reverse the negative thoughts:

  • How this will benefit me (in the short term, medium and long term)?
  • Why am I able to take this trouble?
  • What can I do positive in the next five minutes?
  • What are my qualities to win?
  • What am I able to achieve much?
  • What is positive in this situation?
  • Why will I succeed?

When you think about negative things immediately start to change your thoughts, thinking of good memories, you must pass to consciously change the course of your thoughts, and you’ll get there.

Over the next seven days you will focus exclusively and entirely on solutions, not problems.

Do not blame yourself if a question, a thought or a negative word comes to mind.  Immediately change the course of your thoughts.

However, if you “dwell on” negative thoughts for more than 5 minutes, wait overnight and then start your program for seven consecutive days.

Your goal is to have no negative thinking for seven consecutive days. Even if this objective is in reality impossible to achieve the reduction in your mental space, these “pests” will eventually have an impact on your subconscious mind.

Each time you dwell on negative thoughts for more than a few minutes, you start from scratch, even if you have ever seen playing for several days.

You must understand this: the mental challenge of seven days is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to achieve extraordinary results!

If you persevere, you will trigger an endless chain of positive events.

Here’s a sample of benefits you can derive:

  • You are aware of all the mental habits that impede your success.
  • It stimulates your brain and allows you to search for interesting options and effective solutions.
  • When you realize that you are able to transform your life, your confidence in yourself is tenfold.
  • This allows you to learn new habits and new criteria. You have new expectations for yourself and, once this process of personal growth is initiated, your life will be greatly enriched everyday!

If you have successfully completed this experiment, you will want to repeat the challenge next week, then the next… Finally, you win the game!