Overall, what I want to explain through this last method is that you can increase your results and improve yourself every day for the rest of your life! And how can you achieve such a feat? How do you achieve this continuous improvement? By continuing to make efforts across several dimensions:

  • Taking new initiatives;
  • Trying to get to know yourself;
  • By continually improving your skills and learning;
  • By setting clear and specific objectives and being subject to revision;
  • By carrying out activities that are truly important for you to do (taking action).

If you apply the comprehensive approach that involves you improving a little every day from now, at the end of the year you will probably have increased the quantity and quality of your results to more than 25% compared to your current situation. And this will continue during the coming years. But how does continuous improvement make this possible?

Because each of your newly acquired skills, like your results and learning, build on your previous achievements. Every improvement enriches other parts of yourself and your work. You can manage your time better and your priorities, for example. Each of your personal improvements will lead you to further improvements.

“It must be very difficult!” you might say. Not really. And to help you succeed, here is a completely false idea that you must debunk. This idea, quite widespread, is the belief that self-improvement requires more effort than in doing nothing.

This seems true in the short term, but when we look at the long term, nothing is further from the truth! Indeed, in the measure of your life, you might have to provide much more effort to survive your bad habits, if you do nothing. This is again the difference between proactivity, the ability to do something and to predict and be responsive, and just waiting for events to happen and then reacting.

Don’t you think that the fact of undergoing triple bypass surgery or chemotherapy because you did nothing for your health requires effort? And what about the serious conflicts that you have to manage if you do not concern yourself about your relationships with others and how you communicate?

To take one last example, what takes more effort: being fenced each day to find a few dollars to deal with your creditors or to work quietly to improve your finances?

And I could give you a hundred other examples! Even if it is not immediately obvious to conceive, the decision to improve your life requires much less effort than doing nothing!

This method of continuous improvement is the image of compound interest as presented in other sections: new results are calculated from the principal (what you were) and added interest (the raise you have made). This is what you will experience in continuous growth!

To summarize, continuous improvement relies on a modest but steady improvement. If you are committed to improving the quality of your life every day, the results you get will exceed your wildest dreams! And this improvement is not a magic pill, it is a true lifestyle.

Continuous improvement is an extremely powerful tool to complement the law of attraction and it can give you real results. This ability to continually improve yourself to reach the summits was the secret I wanted to share in these articles.

And here is what is most encouraging when you take advantage of continuous improvement. Because you will have the courage and determination to do things differently, to dream and to really improve your life, you will be happier and your motivation will increase each day.

That’s why continuous improvement begins and ends with yourself. Do you want to taste the best of life? Well, you can want even more than that, and still get it!