Category: Mental Health

Living with Panic Disorder

It is estimated that about 5% of population suffers from panic disorder which is characterized by sudden attacks of panic with great intensity. Genes as well as social and psychological factors are largely responsible for this...

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Healing Burn-Out

Do you feel a loss of motivation for your work? Are you stressed? Do you doubt your abilities? Do you feel that you are losing control of your work and your life? Beware; you may be on the verge of a burn-out! Here are some tips...

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8 tips to beat stress

Do you live with stress? A little, a lot, passionately! Madly the quest for a certain vision of success and performance makes us burn the candle at both ends. And sources of stress are constantly increasing! Discover the face of...

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Being free from anxiety

At the slightest shock, you step. Just a doubt and you assume the worst. You are worried about nothing… Maybe you are anxious temperament. What are the symptoms and is there a way to fix the anxiety problem? Four to six...

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The end of guilt

You worry because you do not spend enough time with your children or they watch too much television, you regret having taken the last piece of chocolate and you are experiencing discomfort with the idea that you are not went to...

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