Category: Happiness Tips

The Benefits of Laughter

Can we really die laughing? Apparently not. Instead, the virtues of laughter are numerous! Laughter multiplies health benefits. Find out how laughter can become addictive. As pleasant as it is indispensable to enjoy a long and...

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15 Ways to find happiness

Sleep! By putting the odds on your side, you ensure a favorable predisposition to happiness through health. Actions that stimulate endorphins, such as sleep, may increase the chances of coming to live in peace of mind. Indeed,...

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7 Tips for Happy Living

1. Give meaning to your life! Who are you? Why do you do what you do every day? Each of us lives in our own way, but we do not often ask why we do one thing over another. The purpose of your actions is to nourish your own...

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How to cultivate happiness?

As we approach this subject since the dawn of time happiness seems to be the quest of humanity. Epicurious had already talked about it more than two millennia ago! But there are probably as many definitions of happiness as there...

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