Category: Human Relations

How to End a Friendship

The decision is not an easy one to take, and the gesture is often difficult. As in love, ending a friendship takes a lot of determination and courage. However, some endings are more often than not beneficial and can lead to good...

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Guilt in relationships

This is possible that morbidly guilt is our propensity to feel guilty, this is to say that make us responsible for the others’ misfortunes. To illustrate that, let’s consider the example of a woman who realizes she is no longer...

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Saying NO in 7 lessons

Test: Are you able to say no? 1. Do you fear criticism and personal conflicts at some point and want to avoid it at all costs? Yes / No. 2 Do you feel guilty for no reason? Yes / No. 3. Are you afraid that others do not...

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Learn to say NO

This thing generally occurs during an evening when you do not want to go or after agreeing to perform an additional task and you are having trouble in doing so. The ability to say NO or to divest itself of a situation is very...

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