Category: Life Motivation

Decide to Overtake Yourself!

A clear vision and dreams with a timetable help you move forward. But what is the spark that ignites the powder and allows success to engulf your entire life? This spark is the strength of conviction. And what is belief? It is a...

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How to Empower Yourself?

I’d like to remind you of the importance of taking full responsibility for your life and the results you get. It is so easy to justify the misuse of our time, disorganization, or the fact that we do not get what we want. But...

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Letting Go and Perseverance

Take a few moments to reflect on the situations where you feel most motivated. What are the basic reasons that mobilize you do something? The deep meaning that you attach to your actions has much to do with this factor. Thus, in...

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Fight Procrastination!

Whether at work, at home or with relatives, some people have a reputation of always postponing everything they have to do now. If this tells you something, here are some strategies to ease your life and that of those around you,...

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