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Love + Internet = Cyberlove?

Wish to find the love of your life on the Internet? Yes, it is possible and is an essential tool used by more and more singles seeking a soul mate. After a period of mistrust, the Internet has gradually become the preferred...

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Live alone and be happy

Are you single? This is the case of four women and one man in three. The single life is becoming increasingly common, particularly in cities. It is a couple of households consisting of a single person. If the status is no longer...

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Thoughts to make love last

We often hear that true love implies commitment and loyalty. Still it is necessary to know how you define these terms! I understand commitment as a willingness to stay closer to its own values and decisions. It is, above all, a...

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What is love?

Love is born with attraction, commitment and loyalty. Are they all necessary? What is the role of sexuality in love? Here are some thoughts on the subject of love. Love is in the spotlight. It is difficult to escape the cupids...

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