His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and among its followers is the famous American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. Aged 60 years, Eckhart Tolle does not need any introduction. He returns with a book, which has generated considerable interest: A New Earth.

Eckhart Tolle does not belong to any particular religion or philosophical tradition. His thinking revolves around a simple teaching: There exists in every human being a way out of its misery which, allows entry into inner peace. It proposes a series of practical exercises that go through some short periods of meditation to develop the awakening of self-awareness, listening and perceptive attention. According to Tolle, a deeper self-awareness inevitably leads the individual to a better relationship with himself.

A New Earth

His book is in perfect in terms of continuity with the spiritual dimension. New Earth takes an uncompromising look at the current state of humanity, based on what he called “an erroneous identification with the ego and mind.” In summary, Eckhart Tolle seeks to demonstrate that our mind is completely conditioned by our past, and that it guides most of our actions, and our emotions. These thoughts, emotions, and these reactions are repetitive and persistent; therefore, each individual is identified from the packaging of his/her past, which according to Tolle constitutes the “ego”.

And, this ego is at the heart of our troubles, our tears and our internal and external conflicts, because it takes place within all of us and crushes our deepest self-consciousness. It follows what Tolle described as “a body of suffering”, that is the mental and emotional state with which we live and which influence our behavior, our actions, and our whole existence.

The book A New Earth book has ten chapters that demonstrate our erroneous identification with the ego and mind. And of course, the importance of a radical inner transformation necessary to move away from ego and opt for a completely new consciousness, based on who we really are rather than what we so often believe to be.

The popular host Oprah Winfrey has even received Eckhart Tolle to discuss his book A New Earth, in a live broadcast on the Internet accessible to millions of people around the world. Tolle said to me, “I do not want to be identified with a God or a particular religion. What interests me is the human being in all its complexity. And, my last book is just a call to that human being so that he frees himself from his chains to reconnect with his personal inner being and live a different life.”


In this book, Eckhart Tolle lingers in a special way on the notion of suffering, and our relationship with the psychological and physical suffering. The flow of our negative thoughts and our emotions is bad for it, our “pain body”.

A very important concept that the host Oprah Winfrey, has chosen from Tolle’s book is: “How long we take to release of our identification with our body pain. For it is not so much suffering that makes life difficult, as identification with the suffering that we feed constantly. I think this is one of the fundamental revelations of the book by Eckhart Tolle.”

And, that is exactly what Tolle lingers on in the sixth chapter of his book entitled “Liberation”, one of the most interesting reads. He explains: “You start to release the body of pain when you realize you have a body which is suffering. Then it is even more important to realize your ability to stay present and alert enough to watch your body pain as the heavy influx of negative emotion becomes active, when you do you identify more with it, the suffering body cannot control your thoughts and, therefore, cannot eat them.”

Eckhart Tolle develops in detail the process behind the manifestations of body pain and elements that triggers it. He also wrote, “If a child grows up with relatives for whom money matters are ongoing sources of conflict and melodrama, this child will absorb the fear of his parents about money and create a body of suffering which become active once it is the question of money problems. Behind these emotions, there is the intense fear related to survival.”

In order to succeed in escaping from his body suffering there is a vital step: to recognize the events and cease to identify with the suffering. For “this is not the body of pain that forces us to constantly relive the past and keeps us in a state of unconsciousness, but an identification with it. As identification is defused, the transmutation starts,” we read in his book.

In short, A New Earth is a fascinating book that sheds new light on humanity and is inspiring. A book that is both fascinating and soothing, from an author dedicated to understanding our humanity.

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