Can we really die laughing? Apparently not. Instead, the virtues of laughter are numerous! Laughter multiplies health benefits. Find out how laughter can become addictive. As pleasant as it is indispensable to enjoy a long and happy life.

Fun to Live Better

Laughter is universal. From a young age, we begin to laugh spontaneously. But it seems that this tendency to laugh diminishes once we’re adults.1Already in Renaissance, the French physician and writer Francois Rabelais spoke of the benefits of laughter for health. The characters in his books, Gargantua and Pantagruel, have also acted by laughter cure before the letter. Since then, numerous studies have focused on the virtues of laughter. Can we really have fun to live better? Here are some observations that will delight you!

And go for the Zygomatic!

Used wisely, laughter can be a valuable ally for different therapists. It is therefore not surprising that it is perceived for long as a genuine natural medicine! Laughter decreases depression and releases dark thoughts. Used wisely, it is very useful in business, especially with employees who experience stress.

Laughter is tied to health. It is a potent anti-stress, a painkiller and an excellent natural euphoric. Laughter is beneficial to both the physical and mental health: It stimulates the immune system, energizes and provides a wonderful massage in our entire body.

Laughter is also used in psychotherapy and group therapy. Laughter clubs are well established. These clubs promote techniques such as “free laughter ” or “laughter yoga.” These initiatives show us how important laughter is to keep our balance.

Laughter, a Real Drug?

Laughter is an inexhaustible source of pleasure. Research published in the journal Neuron 2 has even shown that laughter in the brain reproduced the same effect that certain drugs. Using brain imaging devices by magnetic resonance, the researchers found that “reward centers” of the brain were solicited and freed of dopamine, a neurotransmitter directly related to the sensation of pleasure.

Clowns in Hospital

The therapeutic qualities of laughter are becoming increasingly evident. Groucho Marx, the actor, also said that a clown is like an aspirin, but works twice as fast. The American doctor Hunter “Patch” Adams, often used comedy to ease his patients. Today, humor is very helpful in many situations, especially in the hospital. For example, Dr. Clown is a charity whose mission is to promote laughter. Its nice clowns regularly visit hospitalized patients, especially children, and make them laugh and help improve their quality of life. Nevertheless, do not wait to be admitted to enjoy the benefits of laughter!

Laugh For Your Health!

No, this is not a joke, it is really recommended for heart patients to laugh for the benefit of the heart. Indeed, laughter helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Why? Because the heart tends to be serious under the stress of life. Doctors do not yet know precisely why the good mood protects the heart; however they do know that lasting stress and aggression increases the blood pressure and causes damage to blood vessels. This is why a good laugh should be increasingly used as a tool of prevention of cardiovascular disease. We must therefore take laughter seriously!

Abusing the good mood!

When you abuse something, you abuse the right mood! Now you know that laughter has the power to improve your life, relax, and you can experience the same pleasure and minimize certain diseases. People who are negative are angry most of the time. They have less hope and experience more loneliness. Why do not you focus on the good side of things? Optimistic people know that their problems are only temporary. They naturally enjoy life!

To end, in a glance, if the comedians are not always recognized for their ideas, they will be happy to learn so that the more they entertain; more they help prevent many diseases! One more point to them.