Acupuncture is a therapeutic approach that aims to balance energy in the body. In the case of seasonal allergies, it is the energy of the lungs, liver and kidneys that is involved. We must invigorate the immune system by working on the energy of these organs, which are often involved in energy imbalance.

The idea is to go to acupuncture about a month before the onset of allergies, logically to take preventive action by strengthening the immune system. By consulting an acupuncturist a few weeks before the onset of your symptoms, you can reduce their severity. You can then continue the acupuncture sessions once symptoms appear for a gradual improvement. The acupuncturist will strengthen the field and then work on symptoms.

If you opt for acupuncture, your symptoms should decrease year by year. In general, you should receive one to three sessions before the onset of symptoms, and two or three sessions once they are present. Often the symptoms have completely disappeared after three years. An event may, however, aggravate the allergy if the emotional or physical sensitivity of the individual is affected. In such cases, repeat treatment.

Each consultation lasts 30 minutes to an hour. Treatments can be performed with disposable needles, magnets or lasers.

Useful to Know

Acupressure can help relieve your allergy symptoms. This tool for prevention and healing helps to release tension and body aches – psychosomatic and emotional. Its scope is very broad and it can treat the symptoms are many.

Health by Plants

Herbal medicines can be a good solution for you to fight your allergies. This method consists of taking herbal liquid concentrate, or tea, to improve your health and maintaining it.

Herbal medicine can play a great role in the prevention of symptoms by balancing the immune system to be less reactive. Herbalists suggest you take nettle to nurture and balance your whole body. You can also use goldenrod as a preventive.

Some plants, such as horseradish and hyssop, may, like goldenrod and nettle, help combat the allergy symptoms that overwhelm you. These plants reduce symptoms such as discharge, itchy eyes and runny nose. Horseradish acts almost instantaneously. The combination of goldenrod and hyssop may also be an interesting mix that acts in minutes.

It should be noted that horseradish can cause interactions with certain medications and can cause a disturbance in the stomach if you take it without eating. You can put a few drops of a liquid concentrate in water or juice if necessary. For allergies, it is advisable to take two or three times a day regularly.

All these plants will relieve your symptoms, but the only one that you will resolve the cause of your allergies is nettle. Take it two or three times a day, for two or three months before the allergy season, and continue to take during the fateful period – this will greatly reduce the severity and frequency of your symptoms.

Phytotherapy is a highly affordable solution, since bottles of 30 to 50 ml liquid concentrate cost between $12 and $20.It is possible to buy liquid concentrates and herbal tea in health food stores and some pharmacies.

Efficient products

  • First to desensitize the body: homeopathic complex.
  • Then to cleanse the body: Swedish Elixir, Flor-Essence and juice of nettle, nettle tea, rasayana cure.
  • Finally, to relieve symptoms: Allernon Flora brand, Aller-Ease, and Allerquell.

Practical advices

  • Take probiotics throughout the year to better protect your defenses.
  • Have a good supply of vitamin C.
  • Take antioxidants to defend themselves better and have fewer allergic reactions.
  • Cut out dairy products, bovine protein can congest your system.
  • Reduce meat that overloads the body.
  • Exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water.