A marvelous way to live peacefully in the present moment is to accept what you cannot change. You probably have encountered people who are revolted, aggressive, continually directed their anger against details of their past. These individuals maintain an inexhaustible inner rebellion that plagues their existence and turmoil around them. The difficulty to accept those difficult events provides much suffering that sometimes continue throughout the life.

We rebel against what we dislike and what harm us. This reaction is healthy so far as it helps us to correct the situation. But what happens when there is nothing we can change. We maintain aggressive behavior, emotionally demanding, without success.

When we accept, we cease to fight. We would thus understand the events and tame them. The positive consequences are endless. Acceptance lowers anxiety, bitterness and guilt. It helps to know us better. To stop judging us harshly, we continually face situations that we cannot change.

Acceptance helps us reclaim painful memories without it arouses sadness or aggression. We can say, for example: “I find I cannot change the past, so it is more useful to stop beating me.” Or “I can find positive aspects through my discomfort.” For example, if a woman is anxious, agitated and anticipating a negative reaction to her saying “I must not be stressed!” Her anxiety increases. In fact, it annoyed the mere possibility to get excited…

Anti-zen thoughts

The human being has the incredible ability to imagine his future in great detail. But what happens when we obsesses us and our future, when our concerns are increasing? We are poisoning our present!

Our negative thoughts are often insidious. Fortunately, we can increase awareness of them and prevent they torment us. For being it is our thoughts that prevent us to stop and make us imagine the worst. It is through our thoughts that we compare ourselves to others, we have no gratefulness of what we are.

How we interpret events can cause anxiety and distress. You will never succeed as you’re afraid of what others think of you, you will lose a lot. You no longer live in the moment but in negative and unrealistic future. Instead, you can take the time to really listen and rebut your fears when they arise from hasty conclusions.

What is the past – that this revolution. What is the future? A present that has not happened yet. This is the only real time that counts. You can pay more attention to your inner monologue to see if it does not tyrannize you from time to time. So you’ll be sure to live forever in this enjoyable life!

Cultivate the present moment

  • Give yourself periods of silence, they will promote contact with yourself.
  • Choose activities that help you make peace with your worries and stress, like exercise, meditation, journal writing etc.
  • Enrich the ambience of your home (decor, soft music, incense, etc.), you better be pampered.
  • Think about what you have instead of the annoy that you do not have!
  • Inspire your children, who naturally take advantage of the present moment.
  • Tame the paper, because every minute that passes earns the full value of life. You will see how your mundane activities will increase in value if you focus on the basics: live!

Did you know that anxiety and imagination go hand in hand? If you focus more on reality, many of your worries will vanish!