We all think of projects which would make us crazy and wild with joy, but our expectations are sometimes (often) disappointed. Stop unnecessary unhappiness and face the old habits that keep you from success and be happy at last!

Even the person the most responsive to her needs, conscious of her objectives and implementation-oriented stages of that separation can bring its own roadblocks. Unconsciously or not, she may, for example, falling behind her work, too often push the implementation of some important tasks, etc. Ultimately, the excuse has already been found: it would have been much better if, by chance, she had had a little more time.

This is the kind of habit we always end up catching. Often, it’s OK, but the elastic does not stretch on forever.

“A bad habit becomes a destructive behavior when you create more than momentary regret leaving you with a profound sense of disappointment” says Pauline Wallin, author of Taming Your Inner Brat.

For example, it is normal to spoil a little by purchasing something, but to engage in impulsive buying that cannot be afforded or take on credit card accounts that you cannot stand the mere payment of interests, these are situations that suffer more inconvenience than the velveteen they have given initially. Sooner or later, we must deal with these bad habits and make the necessary corrections.

Happiness on “hold”

We want things because they often mask a personal lack of something, which is unfortunately beyond its scope. For example, rather than having to correct a lack of confidence (which can be done by getting a better education in a particular area), sometimes we opt for a flawless appearance or a car that puts forward our personality.

Hence, the importance of getting to know and see to satisfy our real needs is always necessary. At this point, we may discover that it is not so much seek to be someone other than learning to be ourselves.

Generally, there is a big difference between what we think, what we want and how we act. This dichotomy between the ideal world and reality is an inexhaustible source of unmet desires, and therefore lack of happiness is the universe of our expectations, things that we dare we say, but that create disappointment when they do not occur.

Obviously, the love life is not immune to this stuff. Want to have a spouse who supports you at all times, but you find that titillates your major nerve a little too often to your taste. You expect him or her that he or she understands everything immediately. It is not what it is supposed to be?

The danger is then to incorrectly analyze the facts, words and actions of your partner. In this case, do not jump to conclusions and, instead, try to understand. This way, you will not need to dramatize of the relationship. And it might make it last…