Wouldn’t you love to multiply the results that you get? Undoubtedly! For this, you need to think about the role these results play in your life. This role feeds your motivation to get them quickly. This is an opportunity for me to present you the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. What is effectiveness?

Effectiveness is the measurement of results we get. The more effective we are, the more we get results. Pretty simple stuff. So far, so good. But what happens there when we are talking about efficiency?

Efficiency is also interested in results, but through the means we employ to get them. Because it is not very constructive to want results by focusing only on the results, wouldn’t it be better to dwell on ways that we use to get them?

Your ability to increase your efficiency is thus at the heart of continuous improvement. But efficiency is not to kill you at work, quite the contrary! It aims lie in doing things the best way possible, so that your energy supply leads to more results more easily.

Efficiency makes all the difference when it comes to shaping the life you want to live. In fact, if you are able to get many more results while providing the same effort that now, you increase your control, and you steer your life in the right direction.

The tools of continuous improvement that I’ll introduce the articles in this section look a little like the relationship that a lens can maintain with the sun. As the magnifying glass focuses the sun’s burning rays, strategies for continuous improvement channel your efforts and intelligence to accomplish much more than the average of other people, and that in much less time. So you can really do your work the best you can.

But won’t just get better results from your work. The idea is to improve your ways of managing all aspects of your life, from the care you invest in your body; living long and healthily through good nutrition and exercise; to your interpersonal relationships. Overall, the consequences of self-realization are profound and sustainable well-being; self-esteem; confidence; and the certainty that you live the life you dream.

The results you can expect if you apply these strategies are positively phenomenal. If you take action, you can expect to experience a rapid and progressive improvement in key areas of your life. You will take control of your life; you will increase your quality of life; you will reduce your work hours, while increasing your revenue!