Very young, to be loved, the future personality of the Motivator revolves around the values of parents: Help us, honor by excelling in all. An invitation has focused its internal logic and vision of the world now, he will invest his relational world not only to meet the needs of others, such as type two, but also to convince and motivate them to work.

His specific talent

Type three has the instinct to succeed. Very dynamic, the Motivator has a gift to inspire enthusiasm. It moves around him a lot. Strategically, he intuitively knows what to say and how to convince and keep focused on goals. This is not a quitter! Tenacious, the Motivator knows the challenges with flying colors. He does not waste time with pitfalls and devotes all his energy to perform up and away. It is often said of him that everything he touches turns into success. Usually, gifted in many areas it knows how to maintain an aura of prosperity around him.

His pitfalls

Unfortunately, his constant need to succeed (to meet parental expectations) leads to a terrible misunderstanding. He confuses what he is and what he does. As the fear of failure that lives permanently, it’s hard to rest. He is treating it as a product to promote. A tactic that gives rise to a feeling of secret dissatisfaction: even higher and further.

Despite the advantages of this behavior (he overcomes the challenges), this is a trap: they accuse him of insincerity and maintaining a hidden agenda. Rather than raising admiration (he is), it will create competition.

If this is your type, here are some of your characteristics

  • You’re very dynamic and a born motivator. Your enthusiasm makes us to follow you.
  • You are competent, effective and your example inspires us to push our limits: yes, we want to go through.
  • Your high level of performance ensures that you succeed generally in everything you undertake.
  • Even in your intimate relationships, you do not give importance to what lives inside you. You tend to replace your real feelings by those that are expected from you (model child, model partner or a model employee).
  • Attention, overwork is watching you. No, you’re not invulnerable or a product to market. Relax and treat yourself fairly from time to time.

You in connection

Family. You love to excel here also. The house is decorated with great beauty (three have several talented decorator) without neglecting efficiency for a moment. You insist that everyone develops their talents to the maximum, and the family schedule is filled (music lessons, sports activities, creative workshops, etc.). It may be that your colleagues are received as friends and your friends have to listen to your professional success. Anyway, the conversation is likely to hinge on many projects and challenges in the coming year.

Team. Dynamic, quick to understand, the Motivator and knows to stimulate interest in its projects and leverage its network as required. It is dynamic and quick to understand. Generally, good humor tends to avoids conflicts and instead sought effective solutions that satisfy everyone. His interest in pushing the human limits, his own and those of others, makes him an exceptional motivator. It’s hard to bear what he perceives as a lack of ambition that can make or intolerant towards people expeditious him as “wasting his time.” Focused on results, it will tend to prioritize the work to the detriment of trade custom.

What is rarely mentioned is that the Motivator can also be very generous in its way. If he likes you, he will recommend to its allies. It’s his way of demonstrating his appreciation.

To get along better with him

  • Enjoy his dynamism, his hearty tone, his concern for good manners.
  • Enhance tenacity. Despite the obstacles, he can plan and stay focused. Thanks to him, the team reaches its goals.
  • Show him that you appreciate all that what he does.
  • Respect his need to achieve goals in the workplace. Rather than rebuke him about his need to perform, reserve a specific time for your relationships (family or friends). He loves complexity in the action. Share a cause and walk by his side.
  • Attention: it is sensitive to negative criticism. Avoid moralizing and the emotional outpourings. Give him more honest feedback and briefs.
  • The tasks in the shadow extinguish. Supervisors, make sure your colleague will have its fair amount of recognition.
  • When you refer, thank them, it’s his way to show appreciation.

Stress and health

Situations that deprive you of professional challenges generate a lot of stress and consume a large amount of energy. If the situation persists, you may become physically ill, which may be manifested by symptoms associated with excess acidity in the body (cystitis, tendonitis, nephritis) or burnout.

To support your body

Because your emotions are put on hold, you are one of the more energetic person. But be careful, you’re not invulnerable. The stress of watching your performance is always there. We recommend you to include foods that are rich in organic sodium (avoid table salt), the most alkaline minerals, essential for joint flexibility, and promote healing in mind.

Your life mission

Personal development happens here through simplicity. Your challenge: quit compulsive need to perform. When you are willing to forsake the world of heroes to join the humans, you’ll be calmer and closer to reality. As you become more inclined to recognize the contributions of others in your successes, the competition is delayed in the collaboration. Your relationships will gain greater authenticity and feel that admiration is sincere as you are. From Amazing, you become a valuable motivator.