From the early childhood, The Helper personality of the future revolved around a parental message: Be helpful to others. This value has conditioned his internal logic and behavior. Therefore, the Helper will invest its energy emotional in the universe, willingly put themselves in service to others.

His specific talent. Type Two is not the only generous way, of course. We are all altruistic about our schedule. What distinguishes him is his strong desire to alleviate human suffering and giving it the necessary importance. He feels responsible for your well-being and surrounds you with pampering and advice. He is warm, inviting and simple. He listens to you without judging you and knows how to create an atmosphere conducive to confidences. He believes that sharing the pain make it half.

His pitfalls. It is the service of good works and to listen. He always has a word of encouragement, a solution for problem and a support to offer. Fearful of being secretly abandoned if it is useless, he ran to save the situation, pick up the “mess” even before we may need help. Despite his obvious good will, this is a trap. It occurs even when there is a lack of time or does not have the necessary expertise, thus exposing themselves to exhaustion. Furthermore, inducing subtle that you cannot manage without him undermines the confidence of his protégés and deprives them of their experience. Yes, they will find the resources within themselves to cope up and they are proud of their new autonomy.

If this is your type, here are some of your features:

  • You are warm, simple and caring. You have to install an art atmosphere conducive to trade custom confidences.
  • Your willingness to accommodate others confirms that they are unique and important.
  • Though little judgmental, you have a gift of understanding and mitigating circumstances into account. Negative criticism and entrenched positions are not your forte.
  • The optimistic, dynamic and generally cheerful features reassuring your availability and your gift of supports and cooperation in unifying the team.
  • Fearful of being accused of selfishness, you deny your personal needs and return later, or to abandon your plans yet important to your development. Warning: self-sacrifice will not make you kinder or more helpful.

You are in connection

Family. You have a gift for hospitality, with its essential ingredient: human warmth. Cousins, friends, neighbors, everyone feels welcome, important and valued. You insist that we are all welcome. It’s free and you believe in that. We entrust you and listen to your advice, we accept your comfort, and you can enjoy your good mood. On leaving, we thank you profusely, which fills you.

Team. Always available, you like to help, share your day, resolving irritants and console. You feel responsible for the comfort of each person and add the personal touch that makes you feel good here. Your office is often a hub where everyone comes to re-fuel themselves emotionally. We can count on your flexibility, availability and indulgent nature (do not count the hours). A conflict may arise if we fail to recognize your contribution. Note how you become permissive, indulgent to be appreciated. Your challenge: love with firmness. Say: No, it will be a good exercise limit for next time.

To get along better with him

Remind her often that he did not do things for you, listen with enough empathy. Do not tell him that he is too emotional, he knows that already. If he cries, do not worry, you’ll see him coming to the senses soon. Note its simplicity, its genuine enthusiasm for others and his naturally good humor. Reassure him: he did not self-sacrifice.

Stress and health

Situations where you feel useless eat away your energy. If we deny your participation or your advice for too long, you may become sick (constipation, obesity, liver congestion) or circulatory diseases (varicose veins, hemorrhoids) may appear.

To support your body

Ask your limits before being exhausted. Nobody wants you. Resist the urge to reward you with sweets. Add foods with high in fiber (fresh fruits, vegetables) and iron (parsley, beets) to your diet, promoting the removal of wastes and better blood circulation.

Mission of your life

When you detected that whether it is better to intervene or not, when you will bear that without the help needed, you would run to the amble to save the situation. You know that you move towards fulfillment. Your deep desire is realized: you will become a partner who will be appreciated.