Do you know the Enneagram? Do you know that this knowledge is one of the millennium’s most powerful tools to discover who you really are? How to know your type? As long as you’re interested, the analysis grid will reveal your talent and your specific pitfalls, and guide your choice while respecting your life’s mission.

From early childhood, the personality of the future reformer revolved around a parental message: be responsible. This is just an example. Therefore, the desire to do better made him to improve his world and this became his dominant trait.

His specific talent. Great idealist, the reformer is inhabited by a thirst for truth and justice. He is honest, loyal and wants to participate in the betterment of the mankind and ensures that everyone is treated fairly. As a defender of moral values, he likes to lead by example and encourages us to invest effort to improve ourselves and become a better human being. He is well organized and always has a current project and its attendance is legendary. It is a conscientious type, which has the tenacity and self-discipline that are necessary to achieve its objectives.

His pitfalls. It is the quality department at work. Nothing is left to a chance. It requires everything to be perfect and is often called the perfectionist, which of course is no easy task on the planet Earth. Feeling responsible for any improvement: Self, environment, planet and perhaps even you, your friends and colleagues, he fears of the error. The feeling of guilt and criticism are often haunting.

If this is your type, here are some of your features:

  • You are organized, voluntary and determined. Thanks to you, several projects are implemented.
  • You evaluate everything, especially yourself and your actions, according to very high standards of perfection, which you refuse to revalue.
  • Still torn by “must” and “I”, you find it hard to relax. If you happen to have a rest, a little voice inside you feel guilty.
  • Frank, honest and keen on justice and you hate people who abuse. This is where your integrity comes into play with courage, the price of your comfort. You never hesitate to confront the profiteers.
  • Secret, you are exercising tight control over your emotions, especially on your anger and unconscious that prevent emerging. Yep, the world is imperfect … and it irritates you.
  • Your sense of humor is sparkling. Against all odds, you happen to lighten the tense atmosphere, to the delight of your colleagues.

You are in connection

Family. In your home or work life, it is often that you hold the time and attach the tags. The projects will be carried out, the meals, well cooked, and the daily coffee will be served consistently. To you, self-discipline and fairness are important qualities. You love that everyone assumes their share of responsibility. When you are asked to relax, accept it. Give yourself time off. Activities in nature (hiking, gardening, camping) will be quite good for you.

Team. Be humanist, you’re going to collaborate with others, influence decisions, and to travel with the team. Responsibilities will be shared and timelines will be met. We can count on you, give you the best of yourself. A conflict may arise if a colleague seemed to duck or walk. Note how your suspicions and your irritations are close to a small detail. A fine of EFI: learn to let it go.

To get along better with the type 1 (The Reformer)

At all times, be honest and fair. He has a holy horror of lies, half-truths, evasions and quitters. Before you commit it is better to think so that you then do not go back on your word. Yes, you take the issue seriously and do your part. Bet on his sense of humor. He has it in spades, and this is an excellent way to foster collaboration.

Stress and health

Fuzzy situations, where you have no control, eat up all your energy. If the situation persists you may become physically ill, which may manifest as ailment related to a lack of flexibility, arthritis, migraine, digestion capricious (nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, etc.).

To support your body

Silent psychic imperatives (“must” and “I”) increase your internal acidity and muscular tension. Add foods that are high in chlorophyll, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus, green and root vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, fish to your diet.

Some plants are medicinal allies

The following plants can be valuable allies: Curled Dock, feverfew, angelica, lime. Get advice from a qualified herbalist.

Mission of your life

You will know that you thrive if you are more confident towards others, less critical and humorist. They will appreciate this new flexibility and allow themselves as advisers. Your deep desire is realized. Gradually, you will become an example, a beacon that points the way towards excellence and joy.