Dive into an exotic scenery and the most complete place, where tradition, beauty, hospitality and lifestyle flirt with paradise, for your well-being. Welcome to the Island of the Gods!

Bali lets you deliver all its secrets: its hinterland to the countless rice terraces, undulating horizons, punctuated by Sulphur volcanoes atop; forests of giant bamboos, its black volcanic sand beaches, its exceptional coral reefs and its institutions where comfort, beauty and exoticism are waiting for you.

At the heart of the archipelago of Indonesia, halfway between South-East Asia and Oceania, the island of Bali, with its predominantly Hindu population, is a world apart. We offer an overview of its regions and four settlements “Loved heart,” a journey unparalleled in the pleasures of the senses!

Regions of Bali

Adventure in Central Bali

Near the capital, Denpasar, explore another face of Bali where time has stopped, where the intoxicating fragrance and lifestyle is at its purest. Go on an adventure hike to marvel in the vicinity of volcanoes and lakes at high altitudes, and see the stair crops. Dare in an adventure by indulging in the downhill rafting rivers lined with tropical vegetation, or hit the winding roads in mountain biking.

Water Sports and Golf in the South

Kuta Jimbaran discovered the long ribbon of sand where surf fans come calling and enjoy the nightlife. View an intact coral reef or dive in the water sports like windsurfing or catamaran. If you love golf you will be delighted, because this region contains exceptional courses, located in the tropical splendor of the edge of the Indian Ocean, such as the Bali Golf and Country Club or the New Kuta Golf.

Contemplation and Healing in Northern Area

North Bali is peaceful and healing. You’ll discover the musical culture of the region or visit the magnificent golden Hindu temples where meditation and the art of the offering are being honored. Also see Menjangan, “the island of deer”, where you will have the opportunity to observe the most beautiful seabed in the Bali Barat National Park.

Ubud: Culture and Refinement to the Balinese

Let yourself be seduced by this cultural center, its rice fields are out of sight and the facilities include luxurious features, spa cuisine and a starry and tropical place for a change of scenery without precedent.

Security Climate in Bali

Undoubtedly, the tourism industry has emerged weakened by the bombing in 2002 and 2005, but the authorities ensure that these were isolated incidents and not a general climate. Fortunately, the tsunami of 2005 spared the island of the gods. Some speak of a renaissance in tourism. To be more vigilant, check with authorities before setting off!

Four “Strokes Heart” to Visit

1. The Bhanuswari Resort and Spa

Since its opening in Ubud in 2006, this resort and spa has done some responsible work in respect of the environment, and contributes to the preservation of local cultures and to improve the economy of the region. This boutique property, where the flora is perfectly preserved, was designed entirely by Balinese architects and artisans.

The supply of tropical plants and fruits and vegetables comes from local sources. The bedroom furniture is made of coconut wood, a renewable resource, and pieces of art that you admire are from local artists with whom you will have the opportunity to meet. Want a hike in rice fields, attend a lesson in wood carving, to paint the way as Bali Artists, developing fabrics with batik or learn the art of offering prayer as Hindus? Everything is possible in Bhanuswari! Prices start from U.S. $75.


2. Waka Gangga Resort

In Tabanan, bordering the Indian Ocean, perched on the rice terraces that lead to a black sand beach, you can lie in the privacy of ten pavilions (called lanais) and two villas, whichever you will elect for your home for more wonder. Each home has a sea view, pool and gardens.

Dive into a quasi-mystical landscape and admire the temple Tanah Lot, If you are looking for luxurious features indulge in a horseback ride at the seaside, and exotic decor from exotic woods and thatched roofs are everywhere, welcome to the Waka Gangga! Prices start from U.S $140…


3. Maya Ubud

Situated on 25 acres of land leading to the river between two valleys, the Maya Ubud is a must see in the region. This resort with its famous spa offers a stay in spacious elegant living spaces, with luxurious features, all within walking distance of the cultural capital of Mali. Try the exotic papaya and pineapple wraps to leave skin soft as silk. Accommodation starts from U.S $215.


4. Damai Lovina Villas

Buried in a jungle overlooking the northern coast, relax at this hotel, a highly refined Singaraja, for an unforgettable retreat. Discover the splendor of tropical scenery and rich culture through architecture and design of this resort that is out of the ordinary. Bask in the pool enjoying the volcanoes of Java and sniffing the perfumed air of a spice plantation not far from your residence. Concierge service is available for 24-hours in your villa. Prices start from U.S. $160.


Things to Know About Bali

  • Did you know that the rice fields of Bali have a harvest three times a year, a unique phenomenon in the world?
  • Do not forget the service charge of 21%, which is a significant amount to consider!
  • The rainy seasons? Avoid the months of December and February, during which the periods of rainfall is most abundant.
  • Did you know that the ceremony of floating teeth is a must to enter adulthood and marry? The primary purpose of this ritual is to rid the body of the animal forces, such as intemperance, envy, anger, greed, lust and madness.

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