Here are some strategies to help you unleash your efficiency by doubling your productivity in your work and other activities.

1. Develop a sense of urgency. If you do not decide that your success is important, you do not devote enough effort to achieve your goals. When you feel the urgency of winning, you work faster and lose less time. This is because you know that every time you waste your efforts, you’re further away the results you want. As you feel urgency, you’ll be surprised how much work you can accomplish just because you maintain the belief that it is possible (and urgent) to succeed.

2. Expand your attention to work. When you work to achieve results, work wholly! Whenever you are distracted, gossip with colleagues, or surf the Internet, you lose time. Instead, if you expand your attention to finish what you started, you’ll be less stressed and can enjoy more quality time to spend on what really matters to you and your family.

3. Choose activities for which you have better skills and experience the most fun to perform. The more you work in a niche in which you gain experience and skills, the more you will get results – and in much less time, too. We usually feel more pleasure and motivation to work on what we can do best. Nothing in the world is more useful than increasing the quantity and quality of your results and the fact that one can excel in an area. The more you capitalize on your potential and learning, the more you succeed!

4. Choose to do activities that have the greatest value in relation to the results that you require in your life and work. The amount of work you do is not enough in itself to succeed. It is also necessary that you concentrate your efforts on activities that provide the most value from results that you deliver. We have a tendency to get disorganized and we simply react to external forces instead of planning our actions to increase our efficiency. The more you focus on what makes a difference, the more you can avoid confusion and improve your results.

5. Begin immediately and continue until the end. When you feel the urgency of winning and you’ve identified the activities that are the most important for success, it isn’t the time to get discouraged. You must develop self-discipline to start your work as quickly as possible and continue until you have finished without being distracted. This attitude is fundamental to achieving results. Prioritize your important tasks in order and focus on only one at a time. This is so that you don’t squander your efforts or concentration.

6. Group similar activities together. Another way to get a bit scattered with your activities is to deal with them as they come up; you lose valuable time starting over the process of concentrating on each new activity. If you have emails or memos to write, do them all in one go. When you group similar activities together, you increase your speed and make work finish more quickly. When group together, tasks require a lot less time, effort and concentration.