Your haven of peace should have no room for furniture and appliances that remind you of the worries of the day. In search of sleep, each element comes into play: the choice of the mattress, the fiber sheets, the type of lighting, nothing can be overlooked.

A good read

This sacred place that is your bed should be synonymous with relaxation. It should be reserved exclusively for sleep and intimate relationships. If it becomes a place of business and work, it will be difficult for you to relax and sleep. Therefore, we should not browse the Internet, which is a very stimulating activity.

Switching off the light and saying that we must sleep now, is not the solution. We can afford to read in bed and watching television, provided that such activities provide relaxation. Voice is, much more relaxing than music. By listening to an audio book or hearing the reassuring voice of a person who speaks is a great way to sleep.

Just a Mattress for Yourself

As we pass about the one third of our lives in bed, the mattress is an investment of the long term. Generally it should be replaced every ten years, otherwise it may cause back pain. The mattress should be firm enough to properly support the body without being too hard on the pressure points.

The positions for comfort

According to the experts, it is best to sleep on your side or on the back. When sleeping in the fetal positions, pull your legs toward yourself and place a pillow between your knees to keep the spine properly aligned. Sleeping on the back, maintain your position by making a hollow in the pillow to support cervical vertebrae. The head rests in a neutral position without any tension. To avoid tension in the lower back, it is preferable to place a pillow under the knees so as to tilt the pelvis. It is important to avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position creates tension in back and neck.


The natural padding promotes a peaceful night by driving away the headaches that may be caused by chemical treatments. A wide range of pillows are available in the market for soft sleeper. To prevent dust mites and other unwanted intruders, bet on an organic wool pillow, which does not retain moisture.

Organic cotton keeps its shape longer and is soft and malleable. As for buckwheat hulls, they can align the disc with cervical spinal cord. Whatever the material, the requirement above all is that the pillow is malleable to fit the neck hole and provide adequate support to the cervical vertebrae.


The tighter the fabric of the sheet the more it will be gentle on the skin. Very natural and neutral in pH, linen brings softness and comfort. It absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture and lasts many years.


The number one enemy of sleep, noise prevents not only sleep, but it also prolongs the duration of light sleep. We propose a very simple to remedy. A soft purr of fan soft can effectively mask unwanted noise.


Light influences our biological clock. In the evening, darkness triggers melatonin. By day, the first rays cause the mechanism through cortisol awakening. To prepare for a quite sleep, we should choose soft lighting. On waking, it is important to maintain this gradation. We can filter natural light by using curtains. There are also alarm lights available in the market that mimic the progression of dawn.

The Essentials for a Comfortable Mattress

Before you rush into the store, take time to reflect on how you sleep. Are you looking for something to feel the movements of your spouse more? Do you experience back pain? Are you annoyed about allergies? Some retailers offer a test period. To find out if the mattress is suitable for everyone, take some time to try.

The Natura company makes mattress based on natural materials (such as pure wool), on which you can spend the night without being upset by allergies and nasal congestion. The mattress is shaped to the body contours and reduces pressure points. The ventilation system does not trap dust mites, mold and fungi, which so often the cause of troublesome sleeping. The products are hypoallergenic.

Sealy company offers mattresses on the cutting edge of technology, including the bed springs and memory foam shape which offers comforts to suit everyone’s taste.

Mattress manufacturers Simmons offers mattresses that emphasize comfort and support through spring mattress without rotation.

Tempur mattresses relieve and prevent back problems, neck, joint movement and adapting perfectly to the shape of the body and the giving the necessary support. The spine is properly aligned so as not to harm the muscles and nerves. The mattress is hypoallergenic and has micro-ventilated area.