Here is an initiative that has been proven to transform daily activities into results. This is the “ABCDE strategy”, previously presented by Brian Tracy. This strategy allows you to use the 80/20 principle and a list of priorities.

If you use the ABCDE strategy, you are sure to get good results quickly. This policy applies to the different lists of activities that you have undertaken to achieve your goals daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This strategy is useful both to your work to and your personal goals.

First, take a list of actions that you have previously written and choose the activity that you would accomplish, if you could not finish one before going on a long journey. This activity is most important. Write “1” in the margin next to this activity. Now if you had the opportunity to complete a second job before you leave, what would it be? Note “2” beside it. Continue this exercise until all activities are ranked in their importance.

The second step is to categorize your activities into five distinct categories. The figures you have given them help you put them in each category.

Category A consists of the most important activities. You absolutely must do these activities if you want to get results. Worse, you will suffer adverse consequences if you don’t finish them! Many of your activities may be found in this category. Pay close attention to these priorities because they will help you succeed faster.

Category B clubs together the activities it is important to do, like those in category A, but whose negative consequences are less severe if you do not finish them. These activities are also ones you need to do, because they imply positive results. But only do these activities until those in Category A are completed.

Category C contains the activities that it would be nice or helpful to do, but are less important than the two previous categories; these are also those activities that do not involve any negative consequences if you do not complete them. These activities do not contribute at all to your success. So it is better to spend time on these only where activities of the class A and B are completed.

Category D is interesting, because it involves activities that you can directly delegate to others. To get results, it is useful to delegate everything you can safely do, to free up more time for activities that really matter.

Category E brings together the activities that you can totally eliminate. These activities provide no positive difference to your life, like watching soap operas on television. Dedicating time to this type of activity does nothing to achieve your goals, and removes even the precious time you could devote your important activities.

The ABCDE strategy precedes the list of priorities (the list where you assigned numbers to your tasks); it is very useful because it allows you to identify activities that are truly the most important ones that you should focus your efforts on first.

This exercise is also useful because it helps you become aware of all the activities you attach importance to, but which are neither important nor of priority.

Another fundamental reason why this type of exercise is really helpful to success comes from the fact that, most of the time, people get less results because they do not work on activities that are truly important and priority. They get scattered, only react to events, and lose sight of their goals.

Their lack of results makes them chronically late, and this lateness causes a lot of anxiety itself! A good way to address the problem in earnest is to distinguish between what is truly important and what is merely urgent.