Like our ancestors, all should adjust the diet in the cold season. The ogre who hunger after you squeezed a large walk in the snow is not trivial! It is necessary to increase your energy intake.

Eat more protein, they produce antibodies that you need. Do not skimp on the eggs! Nutritionists make it one of the most balanced food proteins. There is also evidence that they help fight against the cold.

The oysters are equally efficient. Consume a dozen brings as much protein as a steak, and ten times less fat. Rich in zinc and amino acid, they can help to fight against fatigue, stress and, of course, they strengthen the immune system.

Fruits and vegetables are great protectors of the body. Do not stick to the recommended five shares per day. If the price of certain foods that seem exorbitant out of season, compensate! Choose a mix of dried fruit, for example. These nutrients are concentrating real energy, they are full of minerals, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the protection and proper functioning of the system.

Better yet, throw your heart on the cabbage! This grandma’s beloved vegetable contains a good disinfectant for nose and sinuses. It is rich in vitamin C and is always cheap to buy!

To prepare the ground and have resistance to any event, enjoy an “explosive” cocktail of royal jelly. This blend of vitamins, trace elements, proteins and amino acid improves general health. Just take for one month, fasting every morning, the amount of a teaspoon is allowed to melt under the tongue. It’s a real royal treatment against diseases in winter.

Jingle Bells!

To prevent your room from becoming an incubator of germs, aerate it every day. Do not heat in excess! The ambient temperature should prevent radical change from hot to cold, which makes for a vulnerable body and dries out nasal mucosa.

Moisten the room by filing a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in your humidifier to clean the air. This plant is an excellent purifying respirator. Hunt microbes by burning Armenian paper. And above all, get out, breathe in! Contemplate this vast garden of snow, your will be body invigorated and your mind happy.

True or false?

Thwart the hearsay surrounding the winter!

Breastfeeding is the first preventive treatment.

TRUE. During pregnancy and during lactation, the nutrients that immune mothers are shared with the child. The antibodies of the respiratory mucosa is provided through breast milk.

The iron supplement helps fight against infections.

FALSE. When the synthetic iron is not absorbed, it is released into the stool. Iron may even be toxic when deposited in the liver! Iron supplements to overcome anemia should be taken only under the strict supervision of the physician. In contrast, one who is present in vegetables and meat absorbs naturally.

Viruses are more contagious than microbes.

TRUE. Viruses are the cause of most winter epidemics. They spread easily from person to person. Antibiotics are powerless against them. In sum, the best weapon to defeat them is prevention.

In case of fever, treat with antibiotics.

FALSE. Fever is a normal reaction to an infectious agent. When caused by a virus, it is more brutal than if produced by a microbe. Normally, a viral infection is short, if the fever persists for more than three days, it is possibly a bacterial infection. Consult a physician to be sure.

We must cover ears to prevent ear infections.

FALSE. Rather be careful with your face! Ear infections come from germs lodged in the nose and nasopharynx going to the ear by the Eustachian tube.