Here is a great truth, the most encouraging of them all: your initiatives need not be complicated or difficult to deliver great results. When you learn ways to live a life of continuous improvement, you will make a series of simple but very important findings.

To improve your life, you first need to take new initiatives. In the words of Paul Watzlawick, a philosopher and the leading figure of the Palo Alto, we always do what we always have done, so you always get what you always have got. So if you want something in life, you must start doing something now!

Here also the major initiatives that are the basis of any change and that will bring major changes to your life. These initiatives are incredibly simple, but they will help you develop your action plan to feed your continuous improvement.

Stop doing the activities that take you away for good results, and start doing new activities. We all have habits that harm us. Many of us lose time by engaging in unnecessary actions and by procrastinating; that is to say, we procrastinate when it comes to the important things we need to do today. So, identify and eliminate the attitudes and activities that take you away from the life you want to live.

In contrast, some activities and habits provide excellent results. These will have to replace your current negative attitudes and unnecessary activities. You will learn many strategies in the articles of this section, but you will also make new choices, change your outlook on life, start new projects; in short, choose to change for the better.

Do certain activities less often and some new ones, more often. You can take the initiative to stop certain behaviors and activities that bring you nothing and even harm your personal achievement. You can also take the initiative to adopt certain behaviors and do some activities that have real value for change and success. This initiative will guarantee results and satisfaction as you integrate continuous improvement into your life.

Orient your continuous improvement with your vision

You should certainly not increase your efficiency in just any direction. Imagine a gold digger who has made considerable efforts in a mine, only to find that the mine ore is worthless. All the efforts he invested were in vain. But if this gold digger had taken the time to identify a mine rich in gold, his work would have been more than worth it!

We often are like this gold digger. That is to say, we do not take enough time to prepare for our actions. The aim of continuous improvement is to help you answer this basic question: how can you take control of the important facets of your life?

There is therefore no question of wasting your efforts on initiatives and actions that turn out sterile or futile.

The key to efficiency is to take the time to focus your efforts so that they produce the most relevant results. That is why it is essential that you have a vision. Your vision should be so global that you see your ideal life. It is to identify specific goals that you want to reach. Without vision, you will advance, but you will not find where you want to go, and your motivation will decrease.

To help you define your vision, ask yourself:

  • What are the results I desire in my life?
  • What kind of balance do I aspire towards (in my career, my relationships, my health, my finances, etc.)?
  • What are my values, my tastes, and my interests?
  • What would make a positive difference in my life? What is really important?
  • What do I want to express and build?