We have the power to remove the conditions that make us unhappy. A life without depression is not an ideal, it is a goal! To achieve it, we can improve our daily thoughts, our emotions and our relationships with others. Therefore, we have no hesitation out of our shell to get closer to the people we cherish. And even if we are sometimes depressed, after the rain does not come good weather? Remember that even the worst situations can not last forever!

Here are some secrets to repel depression and help you ensure your well-being. To apply, without moderation!

  1. Do not afraid to dream and dream big: they are the most exciting thing to do!
  2. Develop your sense of organization. To make your life pleasant and make your dreams a reality, you should be able to transform your desires into clear and realistic goals that you are able to achieve.
  3. Do what you love most. Nothing is more difficult than to motivate yourself to do what you hate! The first responsibility of your life is to be happy. You must therefore think in priority to your interests.
  4. Always be honest with yourself and with others. The people around you are playing a key role in your well-being and your happiness. If you stay honest with them, they are more likely to help you and be honest with you. To help you, ask yourself the question: “What kind of world would I want live in?” The answer will give you ways to act in the right direction.
  5. Avoid confusion. Give priority to goals that are most important to you and you can concentrate on each one at a time until you have achieved results. Without this effort, you may lose sight of what you do to improve your life and you will eventually get discouraged.
  6. Concentrate on what you require and not just on your business. Motivation and well-being derived primarily from the meaning you give to your life, your values, and your business. The fact that you focus on what is important will help you always keep in mind the results you want. The fact that you focus on your true priorities feed satisfaction and motivation.
  7. Accept failure and enjoy every moment that life gratifies you. In our society, where we want everything right away, it is difficult to accept failure. But nobody can make it happen the first time! When you do not get the expected results, rather think everything you’ve learned and, above all, the good times you spent to achieve yourself.

And our emotions in all this?

Sad and depressed mood accompanied by emotions such as sadness also comes from the content of our thoughts. Do you know that negative thoughts generate negative emotions equally? Fortunately, positive thoughts also lead to positive emotions, sources of well-being and encouragement.

To get rid of our depressing thoughts, we can make a little “mental diet”! (See The Seven Day Mental Diet by Dr. Emmet Fox.) This new kind of diet is to maintained only positive thoughts for seven days. Once a disaster thought crosses your mind, we must replace it with positive thinking. If we fail during the seven days of our mental diet, we must start from the first day. Although this strategy seems difficult, you will gain much happiness to try it!

Accept what you cannot change

Sometimes events arouse in us a feeling of anger. Intense and unpleasant reactions ensure then. Like Don Quixote, don’t you think we are often fighting against windmills? This attitude is unhelpful to try to change things over which we have no control. And we’re leaving for an episode of depression!

For example, Clara does not accept that others think differently of her. Whenever there is a disagreement, she believes they reject her. Yet she cannot ask the world to share her opinions on everything!

The only way to avoid suffering from what we cannot change is to see there is nothing to do. This simple finding, which is far more constructive than the blind obstinacy, is called acceptance. Acceptance is very effective for us to save frustration and resentment, even though the tool seems simple. Try it the next time when you will fight against a windmill…