Are you equipped to succeed? People who are successful have certain qualities that propel them to greater heights. Nowadays, literature abounds with texts written by people from all backgrounds who describe their infallible recipes for success, regardless of their field. Because we live in an era of performance, where failure has become the largest of the cardinal sins, it is no wonder so many people are looking for readymade recipes that give satisfactory results – and that too, quickly!

But which of the many theories out there is correct? The truth is that they probably all contain a part of the solution, but none have it in entirety. This is because there is no recipe for success, at least not in general. The fact remains that if you have an interest in developing certain personal qualities, you can tip the odds more in your favor.

The Secret of Charisma

By definition, charisma is the power to please, and win with ease. A character who best exemplifies the importance of charisma is John F. Kennedy. During a critical debate in 1960, most people who followed the event on radio considered Nixon the winner, while those who had seen the debate on television, or in person, considered victory largely in Kennedy’s hands, simply because of the amazing charisma that the man could radiate.

Charismatic people have the ability to rally others to their cause because they know the importance of addressing people sincerely and simply. They have a sense of well-developed listening, give you their full attention when you speak, look you straight in the eye, call you by your name and even remember every detail of your past conversations, simply because they give you their full attention and sympathy. In turn, you want to associate more with them!

The Need for Health

What use are the qualities of charisma if you are confined in a hospital bed? The most important thing in life is one’s health. You therefore need to invest time and money to maintain the mechanism of your health, changing physical and dietary habits.

Be Critical

Finally, regardless of what field you’re in, it is essential to remain grounded and critical of your own actions. It really is the only way to see changes on the horizon and be prepared enough to adapt quickly. The methods you use today to be successful may not be as effective a few years down the line; many companies have closed their shutters permanently as a result of not considering this reality. Without losing confidence in your abilities, to question yourself in a relevant context can be the most effective thing!