At first, just pictures. Then the paper that you like to touch. The hands are busy, they tear and scribble. The imagination overflows and manufactures the page of a scrapbook that is embellished with beautiful collages. This hobby, this momentum of freedom is called scrapbooking.

Who can forget the seaside holidays and the birth of the youngest? How to relegate those memories to clutter in a drawer or a box? Scrapbooking, this hobby is creative, is to give a photograph, a scene, a story, using the papers sought, ornaments and decorative techniques.

The album of memories becomes the pretext of encounters between followers who exchange tips and materials. A little world revolves around that passion. Mothers and daughters find themselves. Groups of friends create and interact together while exhibiting piecemeal lives.

Unleashing the Artist Within

The followers will tell you: scrapbooking promotes well-being. No need to be a born artist to enjoy the pleasure to let your creative energy cross the fence. You can make some nice albums easily. Resources are many – newsgroups through the web, with boutiques offering workshops and various publications. It’s a hobby that allows you to focus and clear the mind. Scrapbooking causes valuable feelings on a daily basis, which are scarce.

It may also highlight the therapeutic aspect of this hobby. Scrapbooking helps overcome the trails of life. In remembering happy moments, we forget the memories that are more difficult. In fashioning an album about the difficulties of your life, you will feel a great relief.

Recover the lost time

It also promotes recreational homecoming. Changes in our lives prevent us to reconnect with ourselves. “Scrapbooking has made me realize how important my family is,” says a reader. When I’m directing our moments of happiness, they are immortalized and shared with those who are around us.  “Source of nostalgia, this hobby favors closer ties with the past. Just look at a picture brings a lot of memories back to us. It is therefore not surprising to see many grannies share this hobby with their granddaughters, who hear about the “good old times” and stories of their families.

The scrapbooking is not just a hobby that has run its fashion over time. Even before the birth of photography, painting was a form of scrapbooking, for example the Japanese collections of the twelfth century or Renaissance paintings. The scrapbooking is a real means of expression. There are no rules or censorship or so on: only the pleasure of enjoying.