Rolfing® in Brief

Rolfing is suitable for people of any age from professional athletes to recreational entertainer! It is not only for elite athletes or for professionals of arts and people in full process of personal growth but for everybody who is struggling with pain.


  • To feel lighter.
  • To feel more sensations.
  • To have a greater reserve of energy.
  • To be stronger, and more on “ground”.
  • To relieve tension.
  • To better utilize our strengths.

How does it work? Firstly, Rolfing® involves a comprehensive ten sessions. Then if you want to go further in the model of perfection, it is possible to continue to receive cycles of three to five sessions over months an, years.

How much does it cost? The cost can vary from about $ 120 to $ 140 per session.

The Functioning of the Body and Rolfing®

The belief is that the benefit of the whole body structure lies in better alignment. In fact, the points of tension are not the same if the forces are better distributed. If, for example, you carry a bag full of bricks for ten blocks on the same shoulder, you run the risk of a sore shoulder. But if the weight of ten bricks is distributed throughout the body and you opt for a comfortable backpack, you will be able to carry more weight in the same way and your shoulder will no longer ache.

Some patients experience these effects after some time while the, others realize from the first meeting that work is already underway.

To explain the benefits you will feel, one must understand that our movements are regulated by the alternating contraction / relaxation (work / rest). Thus, you can maintain your health better. During the relaxation, the oxygen-rich blood and nutrients go into the muscles and blood vessels. If the blood is exposed to a constant contraction in a certain body part, it never will be completely drained by the new blood. The draining of cells which allow efficient removal of toxins, will not take place.

Rolfing® is a way to achieve better performance with minimal effort so that the health and welfare are protected and even optimized.

Rolfing® and Spirit

For the last ten years, we are now more than willing to listen to our body and understand that a pain in the neck can arise from the way you stand on our feet. Throughout the sessions, as the structure is aligned, awareness intensifies if one is willing to listen to the signs of our body. Sometimes great moments, emotional injury, or major chapters of our lives are never reopened because they were too painful rise to the surface.

The prospect may even go very far deep into the psyche of people. The insights to the busy lifestyles are changing. A person who collects the input by clenching it in his body and never responds to his interlocutors could, for example, start talking more, opening up a bit more and even become more assertive. By accepting more about what gets trapped in his body, and that it would cause too much discomfort, so he will also learn to walk with attitude and spirit.