Give yourself a boost by stimulating your Qi, the energy current that flows in us, according to many Eastern cultures. Find your “energy health” by balancing the positive and negative forces on your body for better vitality!

Inspired by a range of traditions and disciplines, we offer some strategies or modifications to your daily routine to ensure a better balance and revitalize it. Insert one or more of our suggestions into your life every day and you will see that your vitality and your energy will increase tenfold.

Replace a cup of coffee with juice!

Start your day gently by drinking a glass full of boiling water, added with the juice of half a lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a touch of honey to taste. Rather than cause palpitations, such as in the case coffee, this drink will detoxify your system. The lemon acts as a pacemaker, its energizing power is due to the concentration of vitamins C, B and E, magnesium, calcium and folic acid. It also contains antioxidants that reduce the aging process. In addition, it protects the lining of the stomach, stimulates the action of the liver and pancreas, and helps reduce cholesterol.

Eat early and often!

If you skip lunch, it may make you feel weak in the middle of the afternoon. Upon your return home, you’ll be hungry and then your body will not be able to compensate for nutrients that will be lost throughout the day and you will eat dinner like an ogre. To optimize nutrient intake and maintain a healthy metabolism, it is better to distribute the food intake in three meals, light to moderate, and supplement them with healthy snacks as needed. This allows us to avoid overloading our body to have a greater choice and thus to promote better nutritional status. Also, it helps to avoid overeating at dinner!

Do stretching exercises!

By taking the time to stretch every day, you can avoid stiffness, while increasing blood circulation and expending a great deal of energy. Try these stretches now: Stand up and take a deep breath, move your arms up and try to reach the sky, hold your breath, then relax while exhaling and dropping your arms. Then, starting from the top of your head, arch your back, vertebra by vertebra, until your body bends forward. Let your arms hang. Gently shake your head to relax your neck.

Play as the sun

The energy manifests itself in different forms, including in your attitude and behavior. Try this experiment for a week and watch the transformation in your life. Become a person with an infectious smile, and a sparkling source of energy will be reflected in all your actions. It’s not an attitude that you can build artificially or act strangely. Quite the contrary! Put more emphasis on what you do best. Set the tone for an atmosphere of energetic work. Make people laugh. Consider it as an experiment and then see the improvement of your wellbeing at the end of the week.

Find your rhythm!

Get out your African drum! To ensure effective release Qi, it has been shown that it is beneficial to play percussion instruments, it helps counter the energy blockages, relieve stress and improve mood in general. Some enthusiasts say that a tom-tom group dynamics of musical expression results in a strongly energizing and revitalizing experience.

Rediscover the theater!

Swap your movie outing against a play or concert, where performances are made of flesh and bone. Whether it’s a comedy, a comedy show or jazz concert, favor the forms of artistic expression in direct communion, with spontaneity and human emotion. They can vibrate the heartstrings of anyone.

Look for the positive energy in others!

As you probably already know, this is not possible for everyone to be a communicator of positive energy for yourself. By cons, some individuals inspire us and have a contagious energy. These people are our “supplements in positive emotion”. Be sure to meet many despite your busy schedule, and you will renew your energy, while taking pleasure of discovering their secret.

Say yes to art!

Art has an intrinsic energy. Do not try to intellectualize your approach to the death, but rather let yourself be captivated by your personal taste, the colors and shapes, quite naturally, to stimulate your own creativity. You will see the awakening of your senses.

Limit your time spent watching television!

The real danger with television is that it fills all your free time. If you do not take the time to choose the shows that you want to watch, you’ll find yourself looking at everything and anything for too long. Plus, when your viewing is evaluated and limited, the more time you’ll have to pursue constructive pursuits and therefore feel better.

Cease to perform multiple tasks

You may be highly sought after at the workplace but, ultimately, you do more harm than good. When you are not completely focused on one task, you’re not living fully in the moment, you’re either in the past or in the future, and this is a source of stress and additional pressure. When you are not able to spend more than 80% of your energy to a task, you may not actually do justice to it, your work is not then truly effective or enjoyable. Opt instead for a task at a time, you will achieve more, and with more precision and enthusiasm.