Antidepressant minute?

A new ally of choice that may soon make its appearance against depression is ketamine. This is really a recreational drug that many regular rave know as special K (not the cereal!) or vitamin K. Scientists have administered intravenous ketamine or placebo to 17 depressed patients. Those who took the famous drug saw their depressive symptoms disappear in less than two hours! Further studies, however, must determine whether or not ketamine may become the new antidepressant minute and also evaluate the side effects it causes.

Source: Biological Psychiatry

More men are compulsive

Although the phenomenon has been long associated with women, recent studies show that more and more men are now considered compulsive buyers. Whereas in women, compulsive shopping is to wear clothes, makeup, house wares and jewelry, we find that among men, compact discs, books, tools and equipment, and computers are popular. Furthermore, men are more likely to become addicted to auctions than women.

Source: The American Journal of Psychiatry


This is the percentage of compulsive buyers in the US population, or 6% of women and 5.5% of men.

Source: The American Journal of Psychiatry

Emails and miscommunication

Frequently you use email to communicate with your colleagues and your family? Then know that the tone that you think convey your message – sarcastic, serious, humorous, etc. – Is often not seen! Two American psychologists come into effect in a study showing that people tend to overestimate their ability to understand the tone of their messages and their ability to correctly interpret the tone of the messages they receive. Your message contains sensitive or emotional aspect? Why not pick up the phone, the researchers suggest, to ensure that communication goes well!

Parents who converse make kids safe

You take the time to converse with your child, remind her of memories, to evoke emotions? Then know that your chances of developing a sense of security of attachment in him and make him feel he has a value that is greatly increased. Recent research shows that mothers whose children are the most secure and confident use a more elaborate conversational style, rich in detail and contextual information.

Source: Attachment & Human Development

Omega-3 and mental health

When it comes time to talk about omega-3, many eyes turn to the French psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber. But we often forget that the American doctor Andrew L. Stoll was the one of the first talking about these fatty acids and their impact on mental health. His most recent book, The Omega-3 – A revolution in the field of physical and mental health is the greatest proof. A book searched, sometimes technical, but that will enthrall fans of the subject.