Conventional and unconventional medicines are increasingly involved in the fight against cancer. We can now significantly reduce the dangers of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.

“Patients are increasingly interested in alternative approaches and doctors should make an effort to try to understand what those treatments are,” says the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Physicians recognize the limits of available treatments in medicine and there is room for innovation and progress, to the extent that the evaluation of treatment is consistent with certain scientific and ethical standards. However, there is very little scientific research on alternative approaches.

Furthermore, studies reporting the associations observed in a group of participants between taking a substance and the number of cancer cases at the end of the study do not take into account their emotional experiences, cultural, social and environmental factors that are not negligible. Some promising drugs are blocked by rules in their retrograde FDA approval, as reported by the American magazine Life Extension (August 2007).The evolution and implementation of discoveries also takes time, especially when the pharmaceutical industry can make a profit or have exclusivity, for example in the case of vitamins, minerals or natural compounds as the indole-3-carbinol.

Cancer: In Multiple Factors, Multiple Responses

There are many factors that are likely to enhance the appearance of cancer, out of which immunity is often criticized; the immune system is the first line of defense. Every day, among the approximately 500 billion new cells are formed in the body, certain, defective, are destroyed by this system, but if a group of these cells and the rapid cell division escapes its vigilance, then it can lead to the beginning of a tumor. Therefore, the stress of prevention is put both on the strengthening of natural immunity, and a diet rich in micronutrients and antioxidants.

The interaction of genes with the environment is critical in cancer. Individual capacity to detoxify and repair damaged genes depends on several factors such as heredity, nutrition, stress, etc. Gene repair is a very interesting research topic, as is the role of proteolytic enzymes and inhibitors of angiogenesis (the process where the whole tumor is dependent on the creation of new blood vessels to grow).

There are no simple solutions, which are easy and miraculous. It is more important to prevent cancer than to seek treatment. The naturopath, in its therapeutic approach to seeks to manage many factors. Depending on circumstances, the most appropriate solutions, which certainly do not approach conventional surgery, in some cases are being sought.

Treatment Based on Dietary Changes

Acidity and toxins are being targeted as causes of cancer formation, most alternative therapies for detoxification, oxygenation and enhancing cellular immune capacity based methods such as Gerson (the first stage of treatment consists of a strict vegan dies and coffee enemas to get rid of the body of toxins), Kousmine (healthy eating, supplementation with trace elements and vitamins, bowel, fight against abnormal acidification, etc.), macrobiotic, etc. Herbal tea (Pau d’Arco, Maitake, Suma, etc.) and supplements (Stimunor, Zell-Oxygen Silicon Biosil, Food Cell, Vital Greens, Ocean Wonder, Pure Hazel, etc., Commerce) are often associated .

The disease is not only a clinical reality, but an experience and a metaphor for a view that we must listen. The mode of action of relaxation techniques and guided imagery has been the subject of scientific studies. They also increase the emission of alpha waves at the cortical level and stimulate the production of nitric oxide. Biology itself is progressing rapidly in understanding psychosomatic interactions (axis neuro-psycho-immunological hormone).

Hans Selye defines stress as a nonspecific response to an attack of the body. The brain triggers a kind of “hormonal storm” and a depression of the immune system. Intense stress or an unresolved psychic conflict would thus mean somatization, a symbolic transfer in the body. In the laboratory, in the onset of cancer in animals, the fact that the disease can be caused not by the tested product, but by the conditions of the experiment itself has been emphasized.

Medical Research

According Global fund research against cancer, up to 40% of cancers are attributable to diet, weight and fitness.

Many researchers worldwide are working to prevent cancer using the active principles of plants. Their protective action has been demonstrated. In June 2007, at the annual convention of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the leading educational and scientific event in the world of clinical research on cancer, evaluation of alternative therapies to relieve symptoms of the disease or slow its progression has been described as “hopeful”.

Thus, in vitro tests have shown that flaxseed, rich in omega-3, allowed the slow development of cancer cells of prostate. The positive effect of ginseng on fatigue patients has been established. Shark cartilage has also not lived up to expectations.

The results of other investigations are awaited, including therapies based on cesium chloride, a metal compound that may halt tumor growth, and those of hypericin, a natural pigment that possesses antitumor activity. Once introduced into a tumor and excited by a photon source, it could destroy the tumor.