A red circle highlights the critical date on the calendar. This year, you are the host of a party during the Holiday Season! While you catch your breath, here is an idea to enlighten you. How about planning a Zen evening away from the stress and frenzy of Christmas?

The theme

The central idea is to learn the true values of the Zen concept. Your mission would be to immerse your guests in a peaceful and relaxing environment. The evening takes a holistic and environmentally responsible angle as we eliminate all sources of negative energy. From invitation cards made of recycled paper to the preparation of foods, every gesture advocates general welfare so that your guests levitate with happiness.


Take this opportunity to be creative and make invitation cards with recycled paper. We suggest you use leftover Japanese paper. It is possible to get a bag full at great prices. The cards have a personal touch and will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Rediscover the pleasure of writing by hand! Enter details such as the concept of the evening, dress code, the possibility of carpooling, the address where to send the response, etc. For your convenience, you can take advantage of Web-based tools that allow you to send invitations.


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere using vegetable wax candles made from soy. The synthetic oil candles diffuse air pollutants that can be harmful. With regard to the decoration of the tree avoid waste by using household objects. You can add cinnamon sticks, apples, dried orange and star anise to give your tree a simple and natural touch.

Air of relaxation

Music is a major factor when it comes to creating a special atmosphere. If you’re a fan of electronic music, bet on slower rhythms that soothe. Jazz and classical music sounds sweet and can easily evoke relaxation. In short, go for anything that recalls the serenity of nature sounds and sounds melodious. To save time, delegate the choice of songs to a music-loving friend. Your friend will be happy to play DJ for the night, and it will save you precious time.

Gifts that are fun

Theme parties become more fun when we revive the concept of gift exchange, in keeping with the theme. Here are a few ideas among many others: objects made locally, creations made from recycled materials, ethical clothing, reusable mugs and green beauty products.

You can reinvent the part by asking each guest to make their own present. It makes the gifting process more exiting. It can be something as simple as a jar of chutney or homemade jams, fresh baked cookies and a hand-knitted scarf.

Gift something that is reusable, or that you have made yourself using materials that otherwise would have been in the recycling bin.

A holistic menu

Because you have at heart the health of your guests (and the planet), choose organic meat from organic farms and local communities. Allow a vegetarian option, and mention this on the invitation. Many cookbooks have menus that do not involve animal products. To maximize your time with guests and to avoid spending the evening in the kitchen, take the services of a caterer. A growing number of companies specialize in natural products. The range of options will satisfy all tastes, from vegan hardcore fans to meat lovers.

Which wine will do justice to the meal? Focus on the environmental approach, choosing from local wines or make your own at home! The precious elixir will be appreciated more if it encourages the hard work of a craftsman from home.

Relaxing activities

The evening goes smoothly as everyone talks and has fun. However, you want to make this evening a memorable event. Why not surrender to the delights of a massage therapist? Provide a space where everyone can take turns to relax under the skillful hands of an expert.

Want to spend the night under the shining stars? Lace up your boots, put on some warm clothing and head for a meditative walk in the moonlight. There is nothing better than a breath of fresh air and a fun walk in the snow.

Want to start the year on a good note? Plan a time when, by candlelight, each of your gusts will say a prayer or read a snippet of spiritual text.

The book organization, planning stress free

Here are tips for some fun and smart planning:

  • Enter in the first page a list of tasks to perform and distribute them according to schedule.
  • Divide using separators (the budget, menu, decor, guests, music, animation).
  • Choose a binder for adding more ideas.
  • Each week, write operations, important dates and contact information.
  • Add folders to gather bills and other important papers on one place.
  • Keep your notebook handy in case you come across a brilliant idea.
  • Use this booklet to organize future events.