Do you feel yourself gasping for breath, when you’re bathed in the foul air of the office? You feel suffocated in traffic congestion. Go, get a breath full of fresh air! Source of energy and purification, oxygen is your fuel.

Take a deep breath. Feel the air enter your lungs and spread its energy through your cells. Oxygen is a source of life, which is supplied throughout the body. Its contact with the blood cleanses the cells. The toxins are brought to the lungs and released as carbon dioxide. But, when the stress and pollution impede in breathing, then the headaches appear, concentration decreases, fatigue affects the whole body, while the immune system is weakened.

This shows the importance of proper oxygenation! To compensate for a deficiency or to increase alertness, an additional supply of oxygen is beneficial. The athletes know about it, the celebs tout its virtues on the skin and longevity. Now even you can enjoy its benefits!

Why We Suffocate

Oxygen is everywhere and consists of 21% of air. Contrary to the generally received idea, the rate remains constant, whether we were in the forest, seaside or in the heart of the city. If we feel the lack of oxygen, it is primarily because we do not equate the air as we should. Our living conditions are as bad as the air we breathe. At the office, stress and the polluted air that we breathe with the tip of our nose incites these problems. While in the countryside, calm breathing helps in a more profound way

We breathe in and breathe out too quickly. The air remains trapped in the bronchial tubes and does not go to the alveoli. The gas exchange is not done and carbon dioxide (CO2) is not eliminated as it should. Inhalation, gradually accumulate toxins, and we poison. Breathing allows us to compensate for the excess acidity that we eat through our food or that we induce by repeated stress.

The brain, always in search of oxygen, is the first to launch an alarm when it feels left out. A ringing headache is the first sign of hypoxia. The central nervous system being the largest consumer of oxygen throughout the body, the first disorders are often part of neuropsychological order.


Open your windows, walk in the woods! Soak Up the outdoors, breathing deeply. Your overall health will be better. You will maximize your concentration. Physically, you will be more efficient. Athletes know that extra oxygen prevents the formation of lactic acid in the muscles which causes pain and muscle fatigue. Thoroughly irrigated each of your cells for them to operate at their full potential.

Your brain is always looking for fresh air, and is the largest consumer of oxygen throughout the body. In Scandinavian countries, studies have shown that supplementation of oxygen stimulates learning and memory helping to have better retention. Then in the late afternoon, to counteract the extra push, take a good dose of oxygen instead of jumping on the coffee!

Oxygen Therapy

In therapy, the benefits of oxygen are amazing. As a bath, fumes seep into every pore of the skin to detoxify and regenerate cells. Comfortably seated in a box where the head is kept outside the body is exposed to steam and hot spring water with ozone, enhanced with essential oils, for about twenty minutes. The body is thus led to a profound sweating that removes toxins while providing deep relaxation.

This type of treatment is an excellent cleansing method. Ozone is used which is a very powerful oxidant that kills bacteria 3500 times faster than chlorine. Oxygen accelerates the metabolism, which equates to a loss of weight from 290 to 450 calories from a 20-minute session. Softens the skin, muscles are relaxed, the body is ready for massage and to undergo further treatment.

Very popular abroad, oxygen inhalation is available with us in some spas. Comfortably seated, you can breathe pure oxygen, scented with essential oils through a nasal tube. A session of 10 to 20 minutes relieves headaches and eases respiratory problems like asthma. Some come to the Institute to the vibrant, regain focus and clarify their ideas. Others find relaxation and thus promote sleep. In sum, all the nervous and immune systems are optimized. To afford a deep breath, it generally costs $18 (20 minutes by inhalation) and $35 (20 minute bath of oxygen).

Some Tips to Offer an Additional Daily Dose of Oxygen

  • Learn to breathe deeply and consciously. Take a deep breath and mentally follow the path of oxygen. Feel the air entering your lungs. By forcing the latter, air is thrown into the lap. Continue to force and this time, the action of the intercostal muscles and thoracic makes you feel that your ribs have loosened. Your lungs are used to their full capacity. Release your breath.
  • They say that happiness is to cultivate your own garden, therefore, surround yourself with green plants and especially small conifers and ferns, recognized as major producers of oxygen.
  • Ventilate your home frequently. In the morning, open the window and take a deep breath as you keep a few seconds and release slowly. After rain, do let the clean air in your home.
  • As often as possible, go walking in the forest. This activity promotes deep breathing. To slow your pace, there is nothing like yoga and meditation, which will give you extra oxygen and better concentration.