The life will always confront you with challenges and difficulties. But as you use your resources to cope, you give yourself the opportunity to grow. This view is positive as it helps you improve every day. Here’s how you can fill your life with this positive spirit!

Happy life: It’s all about perspective…

Erasmus, a Renaissance philosopher, said that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In other words, if we can see life positively, we will gain undeniable advantages over those who do not. Thus, instead of sulking over events, it is possible to see how they can help us improve.

Here is a list of strategies through which you can have a more positive perspective on life:

  1. Give yourself goals and a realistic view of life.
  2. Accept your flaws without lingering on them.
  3. Take the time to live, because the rest is part of your duties and responsibilities
  4. Maintain your social network, because unlike what Sartre said, there is no other hell.
  5. Do not judge people and different situations too quickly.
  6. Act so as to achieve the realistic dreams you have.
  7. Have gratitude for everything you have. Stop for a moment and stop thinking about what you want and about what you already have instead.

A positive discussion with yourself

Your self-talk reflects the way you experience the world. The way you deal with what happens to you internally determines your emotional state, your expectations, your decisions and your actions. If you pay attention to the positive or negative direction that your inner speech drives you to, you are able to minimize the twisted thoughts that make you see life in black.

Here are some examples of twisted thoughts that can darken the horizon of your life:

  • “The others are lucky and I’ve never had any luck.” – This type of thinking makes you lose confidence and arouses resentment.
  • “I have no power over life: if I am unhappy, it is the fault of others, society, my destiny.” – This type of thinking promotes victimization, revolt and locks us into a sense of powerlessness.
  • “I absolutely do this or that…” – This type of thinking promotes guilt and harsh judgments toward oneself.
  • “Nobody can love me.” – This kind of thinking promotes self-deprecation, sadness and depression.

Attitude is often what makes all the difference in life. Whatever is good or bad has an immediate impact on ourselves and on those around us. The reason is quite simple: attitude is most contagious! 

Choose Optimism!

Dr. Martin Seligman, a pioneer in “positive” psychology, has focused his research to better understand optimism and pessimism. Here are some of the differences he discovered between optimistic and pessimistic people. These are all good reasons to choose the positive side of things!

Optimistic people interpret events so as to maintain pleasant and enjoyable thoughts and emotions. They do what they can to avoid problems, but when they occur, they use them to learn and improve. In other words, optimists see the problems as temporary while pessimists see them as being permanent.

Pessimists also let their problems and frustrations to creep into every aspect of their lives. For their part, optimists see the difficulties as specific and do not let them poison their entire existence.

Since your mind can not keep one thought at a time, why do not deliberately choose the best and more constructive side of things, to enhance your life!

Did you know?

The British historian Arnold Toynbee studied 21 major civilizations in human history. He noted that these civilizations began to decline when their leaders and citizens lost the will to face the inevitable challenges raised by the exercise of their power.

You can improve your daily life by nourishing your unconditional kindness, your humor, your originality, your generosity and optimism.