Do you secretly thought of what you think is a great project: a long journey? A gap year is just for you, to see the end of the world. Bid farewell to the daily routines. With a little planning and a maximum of passion for life, this great dream can come true, without being too complicated or expensive!

Who has not dreamed to temporarily leave work, family, friends – and all obligations that are intimately connected – to go on an adventure? Far, very far at the other end of the world.

What is your Biggest Dream?

When one asks this question to the people around us, a particular response which, comes back often is “I want to go around the world and discover new lands, new horizons, different cultures. But for that,” they add, “I would need to win a million dollars”. If this were the case, only a tiny percentage of individuals will allow their dreams to fruition. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, there is no need to be rich to plan a trip during a sabbatical.

The Sabbatical Program is Becoming Increasingly Popular

At first glance, the most interesting tip for someone who aspires to go around the world is to save 80% of his salary for four years, which allows you to accumulate a sum of money equivalent to 20% of salary each year. Thus, during the fifth year, the person who decides to take his sabbatical leave continues to receive 80% of his salary without having to work.

Take a well-deserved break! One where you can be totally yourself, make your own discoveries, moreover, go far from our beautiful and great America, for three, six, nine or even twelve months, go wherever you wish, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

But, as you can guess from the start, the trip around the world cannot be improvised, it requires careful planning, which could discourage many. Yet by acting in a step by step manner and giving yourself the time that it takes to get it right, you will ensure the viability of your project.

How to Prepare For a World Tour?

Let’s be honest: the very idea that you want to travel on sabbatical often causes its own set of concerns, especially when attempting to answer questions such as: what clothes to bring depending on the climate? How to prevent health problems related to the various regions that are included in the visit? What type of vaccine to take? Which airline tickets to choose? What should be your budget? Does the ATM card work in Hanoi or is it better to bring travelers checks? What is the best travel insurance? Who can handle our house during our absence? Who waters the plants? And who will feed the dog?

Then there is the issue of visas: What country visa do we need? Which books should we read before leaving? What type of route should be chosen? Etcetera, etcetera…

Begin Your Journey Somewhere

It is important to mention first that there is no reason to give a full year to traveling. Imagine that you are unable to take off the day after your last day of work and, worse, you might have to return to the office immediately after returning home! Chances are that you will be depressed! You would probably want to tell of the whole of America by knocking your friends and family with comments like: “It never happens here!” The melancholy could then settle down and make it easy for you to fall into the routine.

I therefore strongly suggest that you spend the first two months of your year off to prepare for your big trip. First, these two months will allow you to calm down a bit and meet your travel consultant. He is the closest ally of your dreams!

He must be able to plot your route, select or cancel certain destinations, establish a reasonable budget and specific to each country helps to obtain a list of useful addresses, hotels, restaurants, friends, apply early to obtain visas and vaccination requirements. In short, this specialist must be able to advise you on everything, even if you want to buy a pair of shoes suitable for thrill rides or, jackets, bags, camera, etc.

Therefore, far from being a luxury, these two months are a necessity when you are considering starting a long journey as it is rather difficult to handle these preparations through the jungle of professional and personal obligations.

Do not forget to find someone who will occupy your home during the months of absence. This preparatory period (two or even three months, there is no strict rule) is an integral part of your sabbatical, and you must know it. It is also an excellent opportunity to review before your departure, wish your dearest friends, and take note of their email address, because, of course, you’ll taste the joys of communicating through your end of the world your ecstasy and your troubles (or your boredom).

Choosing Your Travel Destination

According to a popular saying the value of life is not measured in the number of years, the same way the value of a trip is not calculated by the number of destinations! The experience of a traveler has nothing to do with the amount of small pads stamped on his passport. It is dangerous to try to see everything! Visiting twelve countries in eight months is a little recipe for disaster. “I have visited Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Nepal,” we often hear. Okay, but have you lived, felt all these countries? Two weeks in Bangkok, does not mean that you know Thailand. Do not fall into this trap. The quality of your journey will be directly proportional to the intensity of lived moments. Even if you spend two or three months in one place, the imprint of the Nomad will be forever drawn at the bottom of your heart.

Second advice: do not call twenty different travel agencies. A world tour is a precious moment of your life cannot be shopped that way. Do not entrust your project to an “order taker”. A good airline ticket should be similar to clothing made to measure. It should suit you perfectly, and meet your needs. It will be more expensive, obviously, but it takes you to countries and cities inaccessible to carriers that only want your money and finally get it!

In a nutshell…

Do not improvise. When you have a toothache, you immediately call the dentist. Same is true for the mechanical problems of our car, we ran at our dealership. But when the time comes to prepare a great trip, people are too often inclined to plan it themselves. And, they are the first ones to be surprised that it does not work.

There are profound reasons to choose a destination over the other. For a voyager it is definitely a tool to wellness. Opening to the world is opening to the inside and this allows us to get the best of us. Attention, here we are talking about travel, and not a holiday.

And the financial aspect of the trip?

A dream world tour, will at most, cost about $20,000 to $30,000 for spending on flights, accommodation, food, ground transportation, and emotions and improvement in the quality of your life included! It costs much more to pass the same time in our great and beautiful America.