Daily Intake of Garlic

Mediterranean people love it. Good for them! If garlic is sovereign to fight against the symptoms of colds, it is especially so in prevention. Allicin, one of its compounds, is excellent for stimulating the immune system and contribute to recovery from a respiratory infection. Its antibacterial properties make it a good disinfectant of the tract. But, garlic only proves its effectiveness when it is consumed regularly!

Antibiotics and Vaccines?

We now know that antibiotics are used to block the growth of bacteria, whose resistance is proven, but they are ineffective against viruses, so useless against the flu. It is also good to build on the self-regulatory powers of the body.

The Little Secret Life of Bees

Propolis, is a resin taken from the bud scales, the bees use it to protect the hives against microbial attack, has antibiotic activity, and is antifungal, antimicrobial and bacteriostatic. A simple propolis can rapidly increase the production of antibodies.

The Chinese Herbs

The shiitake, a medicinal mushroom that has been the subject of scientific work, is an immune and antiviral substance. It has a significant effect on increasing the number and activity of lymphocytes. Reishi and maitake, two other fungi, are traditionally used to prevent aging, boost immunity, and provide energy, vitality and longevity. Schisandra, from the family Magnoliaceae, is a major Chinese tonic herb. For prevention, the root of the astragalus, a plant from the tradition of Chinese herbal, tincture can be taken (an extract of fresh root in alcohol) to rebuild a solid foundation.


Homeopathic Medicine (Aconitum, Belladonna, Colubrina, Eupatorium, Gelsemium, Influenzinum, Oscillococcinum, depending on symptoms) stimulate the body’s defenses and allow it to fight effectively against the virus during an outbreak. Homeopathic medicine is more effective when used at the first symptoms, you can easily demonstrate this foresight by having always keeping in your pharmacy Influenzinum (30 CH), Oscillococcinum or Homeocoksinum.

Lazy Bowel?

Taking in the saps, like the juice of birch leaves or extract of black radish, helps flush toxins from intestinal sources of harmful fermentation and weakening of the immune via the urine. 70% of the immunity is linked to the intestine and it is through this that the body removes its waste and toxins and promotes optimal immune defense. Lymphatic drainage, through gentle maneuvers, stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation, acts on water retention, cellulite, constipation, etc. and stimulates energy. This gentle method enhances immunity by acting on the flow of lymph. Probiotics prove useful to repopulate the body of good bacteria necessary to maintain or restore health.