What is the role of self-esteem? It is the paramount in the mission of a parent to complete the education of his child. A parent who does not understand the opposition of her child, is not only normal but also essential in its development, is likely to experience difficult times. It is the same thing about how to manage disagreements that occur frequently with the child.

These disagreements exist and must allow the child to grow up at all points of view. In the adult it will to keep going and find the right balance between too much and not enough limits. A term often difficult but in the long term pays off. And if, by the way, sometimes you stumble or feel a little discouraged, you say that this reaction is very human. It is also the adventure of a child. Your child can also be offered the remainder of the thousands of moments of happiness and wonder daily.

10 tips to give boundaries to your children

1. Keep your coolness as much as possible. A child is better prepared to receive and understand a limit when the parent is calm but firm.

2. Telling the child the reason for our discontent and make him understands what we expect of him.

3. If not, it’s not. No question of surrender. If the refusal is justified, the child will understand quickly and give him a reassuring sense.

4. While some harsh words have escaped, taking the time to explain to our little loved one that anger has prevailed and we reiterate our love for him.

5. Connect to the first person singular: “I do not want you to scream,” “I want you to get dressed now,” rather than “You’re not nice,” “You’re pissing me off”, etc.

6. Make the child understand that everyone has a clear role: he can do experiments and test its limits, but the parent who is still there to assist, monitor and must have the last word.

7. When using punishment, it must be to the extent of the misconduct and not delayed. Love his childness, he is not able to do everything.

8. Never make false promises: a child, even tiny, develops confidence in her parents and they must remain consistent in their actions and their words.

9. Establish a clear line between the two parents, the principles on which the education of their child based. Disagreeing with partner in front of the child or, worse, blamed a decision sends a very wrong message to children.

10. Promote stability and consistency in the imposition of certain limits to our child. Even baby, he understands and feels everything. Until the age of two or three years, a sudden change of attitude among parents will make the child struggle to understand.