Wish to find the love of your life on the Internet? Yes, it is possible and is an essential tool used by more and more singles seeking a soul mate. After a period of mistrust, the Internet has gradually become the preferred location for meetings and intimate relationships. Foray into the world of Cyberlove.

At first glance, looking for love on the Internet may give the impression of desperation and a total absence of romance. This is wrong, say the thousands of users who have found their mate and that perfect happiness. In fact, the Internet is now considered the preferred tool for serious meetings, and in recent years, reliable matchmaking agencies have proliferated online. But above all, a whole new audience of users, driven by this original approach, has extended their support for this search for true love.

Judy, 34, was tired of bars and parties where she never felt in place. The Internet then came to her rescue. “I first toured the various dating sites without really knowing what to expect. And then after a few days of hesitation, I started chatting with some people. That’s when I first met John,” she says.

Cyber relationships often begin with some words of humor, which helps in knowing the person better and makes the atmosphere comfortable for communication. Soon, the discussions become richer and more intimate. “As and when we talked every day, we started sharing our true values, our hopes, our dreams, our projects,” says Judy with a smile.”John had been separated for over a year and wanted to meet someone serious. Over the days we shared our feelings, our moods, and our little problems. Then after a few weeks, we finally decided to meet at a coffee shop. We talked for hours, as if we had known each other for years,” she concludes.

Peter, an engineer of 42 years, has a similar story. He has fallen in love through the Internet and has only praise for the virtual medium. “It is done in the comfort of my living room, coffee in hand and without having to play nasty dating games. I was surprised to find so many quality candidates in search of true love. Women and men often look for long and important relationships, which cannot be found in bars and parties.” says Peter. “On the internet, we come across people who have depth, great values and an interesting personality. We also learn about the person more quickly.”

Peter shared several hours with a nurse of 40 years on the internet and this was his very first experience. “It worked from the first moment, and we chatted for several days. Ours is a wonderful relationship,” says Peter. We will soon buy a house in the suburbs and have a child once we are settled.