It may seem easier to live in the moment. But is this really true? Ultra-fast society in which we live today propels us forward at a neck break speed! We run a daily passes too quickly and we must constantly produce results. And what if we stopped for a moment? Perhaps we would discover little things that make life more beautiful.

Historically, the Eastern tradition has found the serenity that comes of inner calm. This is the Zen in Buddhism, which passes through meditation. Can we improve our outlook on life despite the excesses of our society? Here are some tools to help you live more Zen, to fully enjoy the present moment.

Find the eyes of a child

Every day when you leave home, stop for a few moments. Imagine that you have eternity before you. You will discover the little details that you had previously ignored. A bird is perched on a branch, the gentle breeze of the wind caresses your face, children crossing the street a little further to go to school. Beyond our everyday concerns, all these little details are part of life. Would it not worthwhile to rediscover?

Do not live in the future

It is nice to achieve a goal. But when we project ever in the future, we forget everything we have. – “Ah! As I will be happy when I bought my new car!” “Life will be easier when I will get promoted.”

However, once we achieve our goals, we become accustomed very quickly to our new situation. That’s why we need to take more pleasure in daily life to achieve the goals that we hold dear. This attitude will cause a lot more fun if we are still awaiting the completion of a project!

Listen for yourself

It is not so difficult to improve the listening that we have for ourselves. Yet to be happy, we must be comfortable with our choices, our values and everything we are. Unfortunately, we often experience difficulties in our subject. Who has no doubts? Who really appreciated at its true value?

To promote your introspection and learn to listen more, here’s what you can try:

  • Visit quiet and inspiring places, like a park.
  • Enrich your interests and skills by doing activities that you enjoy.
  • Try to accept your choice, even when they are not the best.
  • Encourage openness to yourself and to novelty. Maybe you will surprise yourself!

Little story to ponder, to appreciate what you have

There was once in a very rich family, a girl named Sarah who was wondering how people lived in poverty. Her mother said: “I’ll send you for a visit to the countryside to our cousins, and you’ll see.”

Upon Sarah’s return, her mother asks, “How was your trip?”

“It was great, Mom! I saw how people that are much poorer than us live!”

“And what have you learned? “Asked her mother. The little Sarah replied:

“Our cousins have three cats, we only have one! In the countryside, they have the stars and moon to illuminate the night when we have our lanterns… We have a large pool in the garden, but those guys have a huge lake! And the fields surrounding their home are so great, much more than our area.”

Faced with such enthusiasm, her mother did not know what to say. Small Sarah added: “Thank you Mom! I thought to find anything they have not, then it’s us who do not have much!  “

Like this story illustrates, to force us to focus on what we do not, we often forget to appreciate what we have. Our well-being comes from many of our way of apprehending the reality! As Sarah, you can see things differently.