Too many people live in a prison that they have themselves manufactured.

Dr. Michael Beckwith

The world has a small number of people who are really satisfied with their lives and a large number of people who do not. Imagine being able to fairly distribute the satisfaction between all the inhabitants of the earth. What would happen after a few years? Those who were satisfied with their life would be even more and those who did not – before allocation – would do more.

Why this would happen so? Simply because people who are satisfied with the existence they lead has learned to make a positive difference in their lives. And this is true in business, arts, and relationships; in short, in all human activities. What these people have in common is that they all concentrate to improve their lives. They are active and do not wait for miracles to happen.

These people understood that to succeed they have to rely on themselves and not on others, luck, the government or a miracle!

Giving a Boost to the Law of Attraction

In recent years we have witnessed a craze for the so-called law of attraction, which states that we can get what we want if we’re convinced of it. The success of the DVD and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne illustrates how much we are interested in improving our lives.

Proponents of the law of attraction talk a lot about positive thinking, which is very interesting, but they often fail to mention the concrete attitudes to adopt to get what we want. You will learn what you can do to give a boost to the law of attraction and quickly get what you want.

Lose the Sense of Slavery!

You really get what you deserve in your life? Nowadays, many people are unhappy because they do not get the results they expect. Yet they work hard, very hard, even! What happens then?

Let me ask a question. Do you enjoy your work and activities? Often, the problem does not lie in how much effort you put into it but in the context it is to you, and how you use things to get results. We’ll help you make a revolution within. Because you deserve a lot more life than you think!

Have you noticed how easy it is to follow the normal course and forget that you have dreams and aspirations? Consumer society convinces us to buy all sorts of things. Others convince us that we must do this or that, and we do. Gradually, we abdicate our responsibility to carry out our lives. We make ourselves the slaves of others, events, our work and our debts.

Yet you still have dreams. Dissatisfied with your life in some respects, you may be wonder, “How would my life if I had done this or that?” If so, here’s great news: you can free yourself from the chains to which you have committed yourself unknowingly.

Unleash Your Full Potential!

Realize the potential you have to do almost anything you want to. You only need to find where this cache of potential is, before you can use it. More than two millennia ago, the Greek philosopher and scientist Archimedes said, “Give me a lever and I will move the world.” Articles in this section will give you the tools to make your life a lever that will let you achieve the results you want. This lever is continuous improvement. And what is it? It is a principle where you apply some simple and effective strategies through vision-improvement so that you can. In your life, get the results you want.

It is the quality of your decisions and your actions that ultimately determines the quality of your life. The faster you decide to make things better, the faster you get results that make a difference for the rest of your life. There is no limit to the improvements you can make and actions you can accomplish. The improvements you make to your life are therefore also unlimited.

Here are some examples of what you get if you apply continuous improvement to your life:

  • You get two, four, eight times more results for the same amount of effort, and much more satisfaction!
  • You will ensure that your efforts are going in the right direction to find yourself where you really want to be in a few years.
  • Since you get more with the same amount of work (or even less), your stress level will decrease.
  • You realize, because you’ll have time to spend your new free time, activities that guarantee satisfaction, like you taking care of your family.

Too many people take work home and are convinced that if they take time to rest and leisure, they will fall behind. And often, they do fall behind, but not because they take time off. The goal is to help break the cycle of this life that is too fast for you to realign yourself. You’ll get more results with less effort, which will help you build an environment of realize healthy life of self-realization.