Remember the 80/20 principle? It explains how 80% of your results come from only 20% of your activities. The mere fact of applying the principle of 80/20 can make very positive changes in your life.

When I mentioned this principle in other articles, I particularly stressed the importance of identifying the key activities that bring you the best results. But I have not stressed enough the importance of alleviating, in your life, the 80% of activities that limit you. It is very important to relieve the stress your life that prevents you from moving forward.

We often feel that we have no power over our constraints. However, this is an illusion that comes from our tendency to shirk. “I hate my boss. He poisons my life, and I cannot do anything!” Wrong! You can, among other things, change your pattern of work or working to improve your relationship with him. And this isn’t the end of all the possibilities available to you.

If you do not see any possibility to get rid of your stress, it is because you decided not to seek them, and thus do not see. In this case, you delegate your power to others and to events. You let them run your life for you because you refused to exercise your own responsibility and your power. Of course, we must remain moderate. You cannot decide to stop feeding your newborn baby because it takes away time to do something else. Remember that your responsibility can be exercised only on what you have real power over.

Thus, an important step in your strategic planning is to eliminate your heavier stresses. Ask yourself: “What are the constraints that most limit the horizon of action for me to achieve?” Your constraints are like an anchor to which you are attached and which prevents you from moving forward.

Imagine a project that requires the work of five people, each dedicated to one part of the project. If one of the five people isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, it delays the whole project. The four other people may have work effectively, but the fifth will be a major constraint which impedes the entire group.

You can identify elements that contribute to slow implementation of each of your goals. If one of your goals is to increase your income, you must first identify the initiatives and actions to take to accomplish to move from point A, your current income, to point B, the income you want. However, in this process, remember to also meet all the elements that currently prevent you from increasing your income.

Overall, the exercise is to identify everything you limited so far. And do not forget to concentrate on what you can really change: things over which you have real control. In other words, if you say it is economic conditions that prevented you from increasing your income, you will remain at the same point, because you do not you concentrate on what you really control.

What I mean is that most of the constraints that prevent you from living the life you dream lie in the depths of yourself, your beliefs, your habits, your knowledge, and your skills and attitudes. And this is good news, because these are precisely things over which you have power. When you have identified what really holds you back, nothing can prevent you from succeeding!

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