The myth of perfection was resurfaced when in this quest for perfection it was difficult to clearly identify your priorities. That is important all the time… Put it in a perspective. Imagine you are a mother with young children. Remember why you chose to return to the labor market. Because it gives you valorization, additional interest income, which the whole family can enjoy, it allows you to empower you as a woman and the bargain, baby loves her daycare and fits there perfectly…

Yes, it is true that children sometimes become sick and, as a working mother, you must accept this reality and find the best solution for everyone. The establishment, in advance of an emergency strategy in case the child should stay home: Create a work environment more flexible to allow you to work from home when baby is sick.

Maintain a good relationship with your boss to communicate what you want to organize with great flexibility to better balance work and family when the unexpected things occur. If not, is there a parent or a trusted person who could take care of your sick child as long as you go about your emergency? Does your spouse may share some of this burden? If they agreed to participate in your project, there is no reason to feel guilty, right?

Ask yourself these questions: Does your child really lack something because you work? Is it really worse off because he is at daycare? Only you know the answer to these questions and when you get the answer, act accordingly and assume. Cease you feel guilt once and for all! Your happiness and your family is proof that you made the right decision, whatever it is. What a freedom when we finally lay these burdens that once belonged to us!

How to get rid of the guilt feeling?

Saying no is good! Many people have trouble asserting fear of the opinion that the other will be on them, and even fear of losing the love of another person, which often hide a lack of esteem. These people sometimes doubt their ability to be appreciated and loved. These are the people who often take too much of the views of their surroundings into account, which are sensitive to criticism and rejection, and often worried about the possible consequences of their choices. For these individuals, saying NO to an application is often of much anxiety.

Take the habit of saying NO by realizing that this request is actually your responsibility. You are tortured by having remorse and the situation will not change, but an exercise of conscience will. You must be clear with your responsibilities and those of others. Of course, it is important to help loved ones when we can, but you cannot abandon your responsibilities to support those of others, no matter how much you love those people. If you would like to lend a hand and you’re hesitant because it is not clear that you have the means, do not give an answer immediately. Take a step back and check if your schedule allows.

Did you know that guilt can be healthy or unhealthy? How to recognize the difference? Healthy guilt is constructive and it occurs when you have overstepped your values, and warns you not to do so by making you feel this discomfort. Instead, guilt is unhealthy when you undermine the existence of something that is not your responsibility or you do not have the means to change… So let it go and free yourself!

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